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You’re Quiet Today

“You’re quiet today,” said Tiny Dragon

Big Panda smiled, “I don’t think I can improve on the sound of the rain.”


For there is nothing more greater to hear than the melody of your Heart speaking to You – through the Earth.

Sit a while..
And listen.
Listen to all She has to say.
And to all that She doesn’t have to say.

For in the Silence of Sound all is revealed.
Open your Heart and let it all in.

Go BE WITH Her today – in the silence of You my friend and You will discover the Peace your Heart is calling you to.

No gimmicks.
Nothing to figure out.
No answering to.

Give yourself the Grace to go be with Her today – the Grace to BE WITH You – in the Silence of your Soul.

She’s waiting…

In Gratitude,
The Universe Made Me Do It®


Big Panda Tiny Dragon quote credit:

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon

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