Welcome to the powerful vibration of Nature.

These meditations have been recorded all over the world in the high vibration of Nature. They are infused with intention for YOU. There are no human words in these meditations; the way true meditation goes. YOU tune into, feel and hear, the vibration of Nature. The magic of these meditations is bringing your awareness, your focus to being with the recording. If your mind wanders, just bring your focus back to the sounds of Nature.

Here’s how our Nature Meditation downloads work

  1. Create your intention: What are you declaring for your day and/or calling forth into your life experience.
  2. Lay or sit comfortably to listen: It’s best listened to with headphones with the vibration permeating with your Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) aspects.
  3. Listen to the meditation
  4. Meditation ends: Declare, “I am complete and my intention fulfilled.”

After the Rain ~ A Swiss Garden Tale

It is great for welcoming the vibration of peace, relaxation, awareness and clarity.

This powerful meditation was recorded after two full days of pouring rain in the gardens of Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
The birds symphony is phenomenal in this recording as they sing the vibrational tune of transformation.

This Meditation brings forth the vibration of the frequency after heavy rains. There’s a new softness in the air; a new sense of renewal. There is the presence of peace and calmness with the subtlety of excitement.