This thing called life is YOUR ADVENTURE. YOU ARE the writer. Which means you create the people, the places, the things and how you engage with them AND how they engage with you.

It’s YOUR ADVENTURE; completely UNIQUE to YOU. Which means you can create it to look and be the way you need it to, for you! No societal norms need to apply. If you want to live in the middle of the woods, completely off the grid, eating wild mushrooms, and wash your hair once ever two weeks, SO BE IT. If you want to live in a castle with silk sheets on your bed, married to a prince/princess, with three children, hosting lavish dinner parties, SO BE IT. If you want to travel the world, dwelling free, with a backpack, no plans and a desire to impact every single person you meet with your smile, SO BE IT. If you want to… you get the picture, right?!

It’s YOUR ADVENTURE…. and I’m here to support you in it! I know what it’s like to believe in a life lived by my own design and what it takes to live it. I have, everyday, learned to access more and more of the created life that is my own; the one that works for me (not the one dictated by someone else’s life design). It’s simple and yet complicated. Complicated in doubt and simple in clarity.

These are current resources that I’ve been guided to share with YOU. They’re a gift from Source through Me to You. My intention for you in accessing these resources is that you receive what it is that you truly came here for; a deeper connection with YOU.

Much love Soul Traveler, Dr Kerry Kott

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1-ON-1 Experiences

DIVE DEEP in a personalized one-on-one setting.

These experiences are created in a container designed to support your entire experience in a way that is purposeful for you to expand beyond your status quo.

Come along a journey in your personalized experience with Me (Dr Kerry Kott)!

Live Experiences

Some adventures are better in person especially when they’re enveloped in Nature. Dive deep into you as Nature surrounds.



Online Downloads are created for you to take you on a journey to more clarity, peace of mind, flexibility, intuition, trust, ease, energy, fun and whatever it is that is most important to you.