Who I Get To Be When I Love You

I realized last night why I love this cat so much!

As I’ve brought him here to Michigan to stay for the year with my parents I noticed moments of “sadness” about being away from him physically. So I got curious as to why that emotion is presenting itself.

Last night laying in my bed, it came to me, “Dexter is a manifestation of a being who lets me pour my love all over him. He lets me hold him, kiss him, massage his pppaws and pet him a million times over.

This thought was followed by a thought of being in past romantic partnerships where some partners were just not that interested in the abundance of touch, kisses and affection with me.

I let out a chuckle as I recalled something my friend Wade said to me, “You manifested the perfect partner, ou just need to be more specific as you manifested it in a cat.

Dexter in my eyes has always been ‘the perfect cat’. From the day we manifested eachother I was like, “wow, there you are!” People have shown up in my life like that as well; in very prominent ways. It’s magnetic and apparent (you know those people, places and creatures in your life).

Through this moment in time, in this awareness I listened to what the ‘sadness’ was really about; I listened to myself in what I had to say about that. As I layed just listening the emotion began to dissipate. Not that it was wrong or needed to go anywhere, just that it (I) was heard. In the space of being heard, being acknowledged the emotion could flow.

What stood out to me the most is, it’s not so much Dexter, it’s who I access inside of me as I flow my love to him.

Takeaways I want to share with you:

  • Things, solutions and answers show up out of a space of curiosity

Be curious as to why you feel ‘x’, why ‘x’ experience manifested that way, why ‘x’ thoughts come up around ‘x’ subject. In curiosity you create an opening. Everything is energy. It’s either flowing or not. When you don’t feel ‘good’, energy is restircted. When you feel ‘good’, energy is flowing.

  • Emotions and physical body sensations are your CHECK ENGINE light

Emotions and body sensations are your indicator that something needs tending to. Not something in your body, but in your mind. Your mind is creating everything, yes everything, in your life experience. If you want to actually address your check engine light you must go to the root.


You want to be heard. I listen to people say, “I want to be heard, I want to be understood.” Well start with you! YOU take a moment to listen to YOU. The ultimate person who needs to be heard by you, is you. This is something that has been swirling around in my experience dominantly over the past month and EVERY time I listen, hear myself out, whatever I was experiencing that didn’t feel oh so good, dissipated.

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