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Who Am I

Saturday I made a shift in how I ‘work’ with my clients (and interact with people). I have been continuously stepping into the shift everyday and Saturday I allowed this shift to take a new conscious level.

Over the years, I’ve worked with people, and have been ‘trained’ in looking for what’s wrong, what’s the problem. When I first started my ‘career’, I resonated with this. I was a different person for sure, so it suited me.

I could spend hours talking with someone about what their ‘symptoms’ were. Over time, this began to not resonate with me. It didn’t feel ‘good’ to talk with someone continuously about what was ‘wrong’. I also began acknowledging to myself that I just knew things without ever speaking to the person. I could intuitively know where their pain was in their physical body. I could tell that their pain was really connected to their story of not being loved, supported, of fear, etc.

I learned to tap into my intuition more and more and the conversation of what was ‘wrong’ minimized and shifted. Though the conversation of the ‘problem’ still existed.

As I continued to expand and transform my own life the importance of focusing on appreciation, the now, what feels good, what’s wanted and what I’m creating became a strong desire of my life. I began shifting the conversations with my clients (and everyone in my life… my interactions with my clients are not different then with other people I connect with). The conversations began to focus more on “what are you creating, what do you desire, what do you want to feel” and less on “tell me what’s wrong, what’s not working”. And frankly, the less ‘conversation’ can be one of the most magical spaces of assisting others in allowing them to step in their well-being.

I have been allowing this even more magical space with my clients and I have these mantras about every single person I interact with (not just my clients).
– I know that if someone is connecting with me they are ready for what I have to offer
– I know that no matter what when I am in the space with someone they will be uplifted
– I know that transformative shifts are experienced in moments and sessions of my interaction with someone

And this certainly had been happening. Though there was a part of me that desired the next level of focus on wanted, not unwanted. I wanted to powerfully stand in the place of my true desire, my true desire of “look, I don’t need the details of your past, I don’t need the details of your pain, hell I don’t need any of those details, period. I don’t want to focus on what you think is ‘wrong’ with you. I don’t want to keep your momentum of unwanted alive. I want the focus of who you really are. The beautiful, well person you are. What you DO desire? What are you creating. And lets do that!!! Lets focus on that!!!! All of that amazing deliciousness of your well-being. That’s what I want to create WITH you!”

And so Saturday. After I attended an amazing Abraham Seminars I stood in a new place of being fully what I truly desire. And that day I had a session with a client. I said to myself, “here we go, my first client standing in this new place with myself.”

It was so delicious. I sat there with this beautiful person and they were ready for ME. I sat there as the dominant influencer of OUR well-being. It was the most amazing session of my life and it was the shortest session of my life. Oh yeah, I’ve known that it doesn’t take ‘time’ for things to shift and this was me stepping more into that as well. I didn’t intuitively try and connect with any pain of the client. I stayed in OUR wellbeing. I didn’t offer any intuitive feedback of anything being wrong, I only offered intuitive guidance of well-being.

The person who contacted me for the session of the client I worked just sent me this:
OMG!!!! My mother called to tell me she was getting full faster and was unable to finish her food today. She was HAPPY. Her pain subsided. SHE DIDN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING. MIRACLES!!!! I said I felt the energy lift and it sure did! You are so F@#%ing amazing!!!!!!
It’s not the first time quantum leaps have been experienced with my clients in one session, but it was my very first session in the fullest, most authentic, pure space of me being that part of who I really am.

Things don’t shift because of ‘action’, they shift because of vibration.

Kerry Kott
Insert credentials and title that ultimately mean to me “someone who loves to uplift”

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