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What The Hell Is Happening? It’s Fall!

Welcome to the season of Fall! I’m particularly fond of this season, it happens to be my favorite. I remember stepping out onto my front porch as a young girl, feeling the crispness of the air, taking in its lightness, appreciating the wind against my skin and observing the beautiful colors expressing themselves in the maple leaves. Now I grew up in Northern Michigan and this time of year is experienced a bit differently than here in Florida (which happens to be where I am at the moment). Still though, we experience the shifting in weather and transformation of energy.

Fall, among every season, is transformational. As coolness enters the air it reminds us to begin allowing more of our Yin attributes to enter our life, as we transition out of the Yang Summer. Yang being our more expressive side manifesting in light, the Sun, heat, brightness, outward movement, conversations, activity, expansion, excitement, and Heaven. And Yin our more reflective side showing itself in darkness, the Moon, cold, shade, stillness, silence, rest, contraction, inhibition, and Earth. As we enter into Fall it is asking us to allow our Yin back into our lives as a transition into Winter, which is complete Yin. Take deeper breathes, slow down, and find the stillness within your mind and heart.

An abundance of crops are being harvested reflecting the fruition of the seeds we planted as Spring sprung into our lives. In nature we see this all the time as the hearty root vegetables are ripened and picked for our body’s nourishment. Are there projects and desires that you been asking for and that you have been creating in your life? The Fall is saying, “Step back. Allow your harvest to flow in. There is little work to be done. All is well.”

In Chinese Medicine the organs of Fall are expressed through the Lungs and Large Intestine. In harmony the Lungs take in air (pure Qi) and exhale that which no longer belongs (dirty Qi); and the Large Intestine is easily able to excrete waste. When your Lung and Large Intestine energy is in balance it is reflected in your ability to experience something, take from it what you need and discard that which is unneeded.  Imbalance of this energy is manifested in grief and the inability to let go.

Do you have an old dress in your closet that you haven’t worn in years but insist on keeping? (Okay, so some of you reading this may not wear dresses, but you get the point). Do you replay a conversation you had with your mother 5 months ago (hell 5 years ago) over and over in your head and over and over to your lover and over and over to your friends and over and over to your mother, frankly anyone who will listen? Are you worried about your friend riding her bike on the street with no helmet? Does your house have dust on old newspapers, knick-knacks or anything really? Maybe your bathroom still has that photo of you when you got married and you’re not married anymore? Do you find yourself crying over a story of your first breakup when you were 3 years old? Some of these are exaggerations, but certainly a representation of an imbalance of your Lung and Large Intestine Energy. Physically and emotionally you may be experiencing weeping, crying, sadness, grief, shortness of breath, chest tightness, skin issues, coughing, brittle or dry hair, nasal problems, mucus, constipation, and diarrhea.

Since we have entered into Fall this energy is heightened, which means you may be experiencing or noticing a manifestation of any of these emotions or physical symptoms. Ultimately it is reflecting that which is unresolved and stagnant. So tune into yourself and see if any of these aspects are occurring, and if they’re not, Go You! You have mastered your ability to experience life and move through transitions with ease!

Okay, okay, so what if you are noticing any of these emotions or physical manifestations? Well, just hold on and it will be over soon! Really though, it’s time to buck up and stop beating up on yourself and choose the price of your happiness. Give that damn dress away (or t-shirt, or wedding dress, or glass slippers), throw away that old wedding photo (in the trash you go), stop talking about your issues with your mother (for real just stop, literally stop talking about it), clean the dust off your knick-knacks and toss those old newspapers, give your friend a break and trust that she’ll wear a helmet on her bike if it feels right to her, and give up the conversation about your first girlfriend and find the beauty in the gift of experience you shared (I mean thank goodness you should see her now).

Now do you know it’s that easy? It’s really easy. And I get it, you may be on a train going 158 mph (aka you’ve been thinking, experiencing this problem for 3 months, 3 years, 3 decades) and stopping that train completely (aka it doesn’t exist anymore) may take a minute, but it is possible. And if you’re reading this, you’re ready to put the breaks on that which hasn’t been working and allow yourself the love you’ve been asking for. Not the love from others (though you’ll notice more of that), but the love of kindness to yourself. Think about it, anytime you want something and don’t allow it, and hold onto something not working, you’re punishing yourself and saying, “I am not worthy of goodness”.

I’m going to let you in on the reality of this amazing Universe we live in. You get to have it all. You are worthy. You are loved more than you may realize (and when you think you know it, there’s always more love).

So back to this train… How do you stop a train going 158 mph, well you start applying the break., key word being ‘start’. You have to start somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start. Just don’t expect it to come to a screeching halt. Kind of like a seed growing into a beautiful apple tree. You don’t expect the seed to transform COMPLETELY over night. Now don’t get me wrong, that could happen. Anything is possible. Just don’t beat yourself up if that doesn’t happen. And it doesn’t mean it’ll take a long time (got it, NOT A LONG TIME).

So where to start? Hmmmmm…. Call me!!! Ha! Well, you certainly could, I LOVE helping people let go of their old beliefs and burdens and watching them transform into the amazing butterfly that already exists within them. But this is where I would start, start with YOU! Ask yourself (the Universe, God, your furry pet, that abundant oak tree on your morning walk, or whatever you see yourself in/as). It’s a great practice in trusting yourself. No one else has your answers, though they can be apart of your guidance, clarity and awareness. You’ll know what’s right for you. Just ask “Where shall I start!”. And pay attention to the answers you receive. It could be a thought (go for a walk), an image (you throwing out that damn dress and glass slippers), an emotion (relief), a conversation with someone talking about a person who helps guide people through what you’re experiencing (I think I heard call Kerry… that’s me in case you didn’t know), you see an ad in the paper of someone you feel guided to contact, an action from another person (your ex finally signs those legal documents) and on and on and on… Answers come in many different forms and its up to you to allow them in and follow your intuitive (gut) and go for it! AND sometimes they come in forms that may seem unrelated to your question (like go paint in your backyard), but trust me, it’s all a part of what you’re asking for.

And what do you have to loose but those uncomfortable feelings! So get going!

Oh, but wait! What about those physical manifestations? What happens to them? Well, they have the amazing potential to disappear from your existence.

And just remember you can slow your train, which is great, but if it never stops you’re still on it.


  • JennyMae

    Thank you! Lately my theme is release! Reading your Fall post just reaffirms this. Release not only within myself, but also release of the idea of control! I have recently begun allowing myself to “just be”, to no longer censor my true self. The hardest part is letting go and releasing my past which led me to feel like I needed to censor myself in the first place.

    This reminds me of a quote I recently heard from Lady Gaga ~”Because the truth is that I can always bring my past with me, but I can never go back. You gotta leave yourself behind.”~

    I have to leave her behind now. I have learned my lessons, but those lessons can not define me. I have to move on- leave her behind and start new.

  • JennyMae

    I wanted to add that will all of my release work, I have had frequent panic attacks occur. Once or twice a day! Do you think this could be linked to the lungs?? You mentioned the lungs play a part in releasing the old Qi energy…one big part of my panic attack symptoms is shortness of breath. Please let me know your thoughts on this! Perhaps the released energy is so strong it gives me the panic attacks?! I even hyperventilate at times without warning.