Have you ever looked through the world with your child eyes.

Wait, scratch that.

What I mean is looked with that child wonderment. That wonderment that is our natural state. It’s not that it only exists as children, it’s just that somewhere along the way it gets (or tries to) stamped out of us, by ‘adults’.

It’s fascinating how stages of life have taken on personas and some it would seem fall in line with those personas. Adult is a definition of fully grown or developed. No where in there does it say anything about anything else. Period.

So this term, ‘adulting’; I’m done adulting for the day. Not sure how you are done being full grown. ๐Ÿ˜†. And by the way, we’re never fully developed. Yes I get they’re talking physically, but still our cells are constantly dieing and renewing.

That’s the good news. Every single day you get to renew yourself; CREATE A NEW. Being childlike and adulting are just words. So drop the meaning and the stories you’ve created around what it means to be either; what it means for you to be either.

Just be.

While I’m at it .. I’m choosing to just be W O N D E R M E N T. Seeing the world with it. I’m not an adult, I’m not a child; just WONDERMENT.

Hello and good day ๐Ÿงš


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