Travel the world with me as I take you with me on my VIRTUALLY. 

Many of you have indicated how much you wish you could join me along my travels AND have inquired as to how I pay for my travels…

So – I designed a way for you to join and get answers to your questions!

It’s simple! It’s easy!

About the invitation..

I’m currently in Hawaii and have been traveling the globe since April 2019; with such destinations as Japan, Chile, Australia, Europe. This has been a dream of mine in the making for some time and it’s happening. What really ignited my travels was when I manifested FREE AIR FLIGHT for a whole year! That’s right, the ability to travel the world – FOR FREE! Since then I’ve manifested a $180 flight from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii; an gorgeous place to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii across from the Ocean for the month for $300; a ticket from Kona, Hawaii to Tampa, Florida so I can speak at Podfest 2020 for $385.

Look travel doesn’t have to be EXPENSIVE. For one, EXPENSIVE is relative to the individual and two, it’s a story.

TRAVEL isn’t just about the cost of it – it’s so much more than that. It’s the PEOPLE, the FOOD, the NATURE, the EXPERIENCE + mostly who you DISCOVER YOURSELF TO BE.

You get to say how your life goes. Did you forget that? You are subject to others experiences and perspectives. Get a hold of what’s happening in your life and choose to create.

I take YOU with me as a discovery for you; wherever you are in your life adventure. Whether or not you want to travel is irrelevant. I share SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS + MANIFESTATION TOOLS, channeled messages and/or meditations from NATURE POWER SPOTS, videos + photos and a weekly Facebook Live to ask your questions. This experience is for you if you want to dive deeper in you WITH someone (Me) who lives this life everyday.

Because of all of this (and much more), I’m inspired to invite you along! 

Come along for the ADVENTURE!

What this adventure includes:

  • PRIVATE Facebook Group
  • Channeled messages and/or meditations from NATURE POWER SPOTS
  • Videos + Photos
  • Weekly Facebook Live to ASK YOUR QUESTIONS


Monthly Investment: $98

Virtual Travels registration confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions linked below. I have read and agree with the Virtual Travels Terms and Conditions

I’d love to take you with me!

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