To BE With a Tree

🌳 Today is a day of rest; to go be still with a Tree.
👉 If you ever wonder what’s a ‘miss’ in your life, trust me, it’s a Tree.❓ Have you ever just sat with one? Not to just sit, but to listen, to feel to be WITH a Tree?❗ There is a difference in being next to a Tree (!!! someone !!!) and being with a Tree (!!! someone !!!). 👆 Okay so both magical and powerful. Though when we are consciously focusing on our intention and awareness the magic of our moment, of who we are expands; the sensations to the core of our being are felt.

👆 You know that experience, right?! When you’re sitting next to someone you love versus consciously sitting and BE-ing next to them. 👈 Which by the way does not require their engagement. This is a YOU experience. LIFE is a YOU experience.

🌲 So go be you and BE with a Tree or don’t (and be weird 😆)

💚 If you really want to delve into the depths of BE-ing WITH a Tree, WITH Nature sign up for my upcoming Women’s Return to Nature Retreat this August in the beautiful forest of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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