I had never been to Boston before, but I found myself there wandering the streets. As I strolled through the park, I took in all there was that I could see. People walking about, the most enormous squirrels I had ever seen playing about, a hawk eating one of those gigantic squirrels that was once playing about, and on and on. At moments I would walk around and others I would stand and gaze.


Eventually the urge to urinate took over. “Okay Universe, where’s the closest bathroom?” My head turned and I noticed one before me so I moved towards it. As I continued to walk, I was guided away from the bathroom. “Hmmm… Okay Universe, but I really need to pee”. Being pulled in the opposite direction of the bathroom, I walked on.


Walking up steps, a man appeared before me. “Hello!” Conversation manifested. Thomas manifested. He told me how he enjoys capturing photos of humans doing human things and proceeded to show me a picture he captured of me just moments before.


Native to Boston he shared with me amazing places to eat and explore. Just the answers to the questions I had posed to the universe earlier that day.   We shared in blissful exchange. What a delight! We friended each other on Facebook and went on our ways.


As I began walking away, I basked in the deliciousness of the Universe always guiding me to what I’m asking for, and then I remembered just how much I needed to pee.