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The Nature Experiences are a beautiful avenue of experience in your transformation.  These experiences are created with the root of intention of holding space for you into a deeper connection with you.  My dominant focus is guiding you into whatever it is you are asking for, desiring to create, shift, and make possible.  

It is my promise to you that you will receive out of your experience what you are truly, soulfully asking for, whatever that looks like.

Transformation isn’t about time, it’s about intention and all my immersions are created with this frequency.

Experiences are always inspired by your uniqueness and the guidance of The Universe.

The Women’s Nude In Nature Retreat

Dade City, Florida ~ January 11-13, 2019

The Women’s Nude In Nature is a unique experience of stepping into the unknown of the yet discovered depths of our being. We’ll be harnessing the high vibration of Nature, the unconstraint of Nudity, the silence of Meditation, the power of Intention and the magic of Ceremony.

The intention of The Women’s Nude In Nature Retreat is to:

  • Open our hearts and our roots to a new depth of knowing who we truly are
  • To transform and transmute the parts of ourselves awaiting a new expression
  • Birth the of emergence of our true hearts desire and speak from this space
  • Allow clarity of communication with our Higher Consciousness
  • Discover the beauty not just of your physical body, but the beauty of your Souls expression through your physical being

Every element of our retreat is created with intention in guidance with The Universe. Every activity from the meal experience to ceremony is enveloped and expressed with this intention, adding to the whole of the retreat. This experience is deep and transformative and isn’t so much about what we will be DOING, but our intention of who we are BEING.

Every part of our experience together is truly optional; how you choose to participate is up to YOU!

There is intentional time for nudity throughout our experience and you are invited to be nude as much or as you feel guided to do.

Our beautiful retreat interacts with the season of “winter” in Florida. Winter carries the vibration of the Yin essence, which is reflective of the Divine Feminine. We will be utilizes this powerful Yin energy and the coolness of the air for transmutation. I invite us to welcome the power of the Yin, the Divine Feminine in what she is revealing for us.

We are invited to come with one particular area of our life experience that we are ready to transmute. This can be ANY area, any part of our experience. It’s not that we will only transmute this area of our life, but when we come with clear intention we receive clear delivery.

My personal Intention for YOU, is that you receive exactly what it is you came for… and MORE!

This is an intimate gathering and space is limited to 6 Divine Goddesses.

For a more details of what to expect –> The Women’s Nude In Nature Retreat January 2019

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Please note: no refunds are available for cancellation or non-attendance.

1 payment: $599

2 payments of $300

The Women’s Nature Retreat

Sarasota, Florida ~ February 8-10th, 2019

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The Women’s Nude In Nature Retreat

Hawaii ~ March 20-24th, 2019

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