The Power; the Magic of Intention

Okay, so let me share a secret with you.  It’s all about intention. The POWER; the MAGIC of intention.

Intention IS everything!  I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  What you create in our language matters!  What you say goes.

So check it👇

  • “That’s hard”
  • “I don’t have the money for that”
  • “This (insert not great feeling thing) happens to me all the time” “I don’t know how to do that”
  • “NO I can’t (fill in the blank with anything)”

This all creates that to be true.  And you just get more of all the stuff you ‘don’t want’.  Why? Because we live in a Universe of inclusion. Which means what you speak about, you get.  What you think about, you get. What you focus on, you get. Wanted or unwanted; you get it!

So when you say this 👇

  • “Everything is always working out for me”
  • “Whatever I need whenever I need it always appears before me”
  • “(something about something and that hasn’t happen and add) YET”
  • “I am (insert any great feeling thing)” → You get more of all of that!  Yes please!!!!

When you are speaking you are speaking gold out into the Universe.  What YOU say is your reality. Now, it is important to note that what you say is an outward reflection of your inner world.  You cannot have access to certain language unless it’s what is inside. That’s great, because there is constant feedback happening of where you are now.  It’s an evaluation tool. No judgement, no right or wrong, just an observation. Being an observer of your words is amazing feedback to be aware of where you are in relation to any aspect of your life.

Okay, so what is an intention.  Simple. It’s a focus. A use of words to create what is so.  Your words and focus are changeable by you in any moment. It does take practice and awareness and the more you do it (just like anything else) the better you get at it!

So intention.  Use of words to create.  You can say anything in an intention.  You can use any words and any word combinations.  Let me share an example of the intention for all of my retreats.

Beings who are ready for the transform they are asking for are drawn to my retreats.  They are ready to register into a whole new way of being. They are ready to register such that they take the action of registering and are confident and satisfied with their choice. The moment they register their whole life begins to transform in that moment.  Registration is the creation of a whole new access in their reality. It is not a matter of what we do in the retreat, it is a matter of attendance. It’s not what we do, but who we get to BE in the experience. By registering, showing up and completing the experience, every single beings intention IS fulfilled.  They get what they have truly come to experience. It is so because we say so; because we create it. This message is the foundation and is known, seen and felt in the experience. Each participant gets this for themselves and their life.”

Now, reading that, what do you think?  

What shows up for you?

Can you see what is created in that language?

This is what my intention creates 👇

Beings ARE READY.  

  • What I do not want:
    • I’m not interested in pulling teeth or having attendance to my retreats with beings who are not ready for my message.  Who are not interested in the magic of the conversation OR beings who cannot be in a conversation of “you are responsible for everything in your life”.  ← because I have those conversations.
  • What I do want:
    • I want beings who are ready.  Who are chomping at the bit for what they are asking for.  It hasn’t come, YET and they know something else is possible.  They know that outside guidance and experiences are a great access to bring to the light what is really there.  They have desire to enhance their own inner guidance and have an average to high level understanding and awareness of law of attraction, creating your own reality, Source/Spirit/Universe/God and the true magic of all that is.

Transformation begins in registration.  

  • What I do not want:
    • An ordinary experience;sameness.
  • What I do want:
    • My passion is to show and share with beings that they are the most powerful force in their life.  The moment they register they experience the power of choice. Such in a way that they are satisfied and at peace with what they are embarking on.

Intention is fulfilled in completion.  

  • What I do not want:
    • Beings to leave the retreat having been the same they were when they arrived.
  • What I do want:
    • I want every single being in attendance to have in the full fruition their intention for coming.  I want their true intentions to be fulfilled, those ones they came for that they are unaware of when they registered.  The depth of why they really registered; whether they know it or not. And it all gets to be fulfilled in their attendance and completion of the experience.  

Do you see more what is being communicated in that intention?  Do you notice how I do not include what I do not want in the intention.  When I create an intention I don’t typically look at what is not wanted, I look at what IS wanted.  I shared above in that way so you can see the breakdown and sometimes I find some beings are more focused on the do not want it can be helpful to clarify do not to get to do want.

Are you up for creating a new powerful intention for an area of your life that matters to you?  Give it go. Do the work around it. Get out a piece of paper and get going!

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