by Coach Kristopher

I have been working on some guided meditation ideas this week and the most powerful for me has been connecting to authentic self. It is about being present with the energy of every cell in your body. In this presence I have become aware of connection with me, the real me, where infinite possibilities reside and I see the beauty of everything. I know my Inner Being is my Authentic self, the silence between thoughts, that is who I really am, the awareness of the thoughts, the awareness of the other, the love and presence of all that is. When fearful thoughts, thoughts of unworthiness or not enoughness, arise I know that is the dying ego lashing out and I allow it to throw it’s tantrum then pass on through. I will be sharing some authentic connection meditations with everyone in our Facebook group “The Powerful Art of Being You”, that will show you how this will work for you too.

While creating this meditation, I thought, where else am I not connecting authentically? The answer was everywhere. Connecting authentically is about being present, listening with your whole body, really feeling the connection to the other person, seeing your inner being connect with the other’s inner being. When people talk I listen, however, until now I didn’t completely listen, like a meditation kind of listen. I may have thoughts pass through my mind during the conversation about what they are saying or planning how I will respond, I have even caught myself looking at social media while engaged in conversation on the phone. Seriously! Just like when practicing meditation, quiet your mind, and when thoughts appear, allow them to flow on through. See the Source in the other, hear the message they are giving you, and let them know they matter which creates a powerful authentic connection. This works with every person we meet; family, friends, co-workers, etc. So I am now very aware when I have conversation with people, when you know better you do better right? I am practicing the whole body listening, connecting so that I can get the essence, the core of what the person on the other side of me is getting. How powerful an experience it has been for me, my family and my friends, I feel the shift of our connection, the conversation is deeper and has more “meaning” for both of us. It has shifted the way I am received and how I receive others. I am sharing my whole worthy-enough self, we are connected and it all gets to be ok.