The Pigeon Within Me

🐦 I had a dream this pigeon (that I met yesterday) came flying from the sky, landed on my left shoulder and stuck her beak into my neck below my ear. I didn’t feel it, I just knew it happened.

I had such a fun interaction with her. It was like I commanded and she followed. So did many of her friends. It was much fun playing with them all.

I see my dream as a reflection of my current state of vibration. I have this new profound sense of peace emitting from me. I’m finding myself in the world of many unknowns and no longer going to the thoughts and emotions of “if I could just die, that’d be great”. Instead a new state of peace exists in that space.

I see much of the pigeon in my dream being able to place her beak through my body and not feel sensation of pain. I knew she was there and what happened and my emotional response and awareness was free of ‘pain, worry or fear’.

In this moment in time I have the awareness to acknowledge this as such. Now, does my dream REALLY mean this? Who cares, I’m making it all up and why not make something up that has an even more profound impact on my beingness.

How does this happen? How can there be such a shift from, “take me out of this world thoughts” to inner peace? It’s because I do the work. I do every possible thing I can do to shift and alter anything within myself to feel better.

💥 The key is WITHIN ME.

I’ve altered the exterior and it never satisfied the interior. Well maybe temporarily, but never permanently.

We’ve all heard “it begins within”.
👆 And it truly does. And I can’t fake my insides. They’re with me all the time.

🔥 So what are some things I’ve done to shift and alter this within me?

❗ Stay tuned for my next post as I expand and share easy steps to shift and alter anything you want for yourself and your life!!!

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