The Nature of BEing ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

I’m a bird flying through the sky.

Can you see the seagull ????

Do you love seagulls? – I do!!!!!!
Their beautiful song along the shoreline – especially when the light from the sky begins to fade. I love seeing them nestled in their homes in the cliff. I saw some babies tucked away and stood there feeling their vibration – in such curiosity and awe of what it must be like to live 30 meters above water in the side of a cliff… Taking in their serene calmness as they just sit stooped.

This world is so magical.. and I feel it so much – it explodes so much from my heart space โค๏ธ

Its fascinating – in the past I would have judged myself for standing there appreciating these birds and spending the day outside – from a little voice in my head saying I should be doing something else, something more constructive to contributing to society. I know now what a load of shit that voice was. For there is no greater contribution of me than to be PRESENT in whatever I’m up to. My presence, my universal vibration is my ‘contribution’.


That’s where I’m at in my moment of my life, if my travels – discovering, being with what it is truly like to be PRESENT in what I’m up to. See I used to spend much time outside, but the thoughts of what else I ‘should’ be doing were so rampant that I was never really on the side of that cliff in appreciation because my thoughts were somewhere else. Those thoughts taking up so much airtime and space in my life.

When I’m in my head that’s where I’m at, in my head and when I’m PRESENT I’m out there in the world – with those amazing seagulls, that cliff, with YOU.

I now realize how much of my life has been stuck in my mind of what I could/should be doing other than what I was actually doing. I’ve exhausted myself doing this. “It’s exhausting keeping heavy thoughts a float.”

So now.. that’s where I am in. Discovering my new world of BEingness. A vacation of thoughts – never to return again.


Have you ever experienced what I shared? Giving so much airtime to the shoulda of your life? Doing something you love and feeling guilty for it based on some context that you should be doing something more of value to society?

Where are you in your journey of you – of your beingness?


Now I stand in my declaration for my time here in Ireland. My DAILY declaration, intention, embodiment.

I AM a master of BEing.

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