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The Illusion of Others

Last night I had a dream with the boy who raped me when I was in highschool.

Upon waking I realized that I have not made complete peace with my experience with him and my internal response about him. There was a mild (and I mean very mild) annoyance that he was there in my dream.

It reminds me of another dream I had two days ago…

It was a dream with the physical appearance of Donald Trump. We stood before each other. He said – without words – “We will stand, be with each other, look into each other’s eyes until you are at peace with that which does not feel good. You cannot continue on your journey in the way you desire without first finding peace, not with me but with what you fear.”. So I stood there with my uncomfortableness, with him until the inner peace I desired radiated from within me. And we walked on.

That dream was really powerful for me and I shared it. I shared a conversation of compassion and of personal power.

Some of the responses I got were inquiry if I am pro Trump, anti freedom of speech, if I would say the same about Hitler, if what I shared was a joke…

So now I’m wondering…

If I make a public display of affection, compassion and love for the boy who I had that experience with when I was in High School… if I make a choice to make peace for myself and share it outwardly…

Will you ask me if I am pro rape?

Will you ask me if I will do the same about Hitler?

Will you ask me if it is a joke?

Will you be worried for him and what he is forcing onto the world?


Will you see an opportunity before you and where you may be unsettled in your life?

Will you listen for the true communication being shared here?

Will you get for yourself that what I am sharing has nothing to do with you and you have free will to read it or not and that if you are reading it and reading this now you have created what I wrote and your interpretation of it?


And did you know these dreams have nothing to do with that boy and Donald Trump? They are catalyst representations in my dream. They are a reflection of my thoughts, of my inner world.

They have appeared in reflection to a current transformation I am experiencing with a fear I have been carrying around for years.

They are not who they physically manifest as. This is not a pro rape or pro Trump conversation. Nor is it an anti rape or anti Trump conversation.

This is a pro alignment conversation.

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