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The Forecast of Life

Today Is The Best Day Ever ?️

Sitting here in the waiting room I hear the local news emitting from tvs. I must say the news is not my ‘thing’. There it is, noise in the background of my environment. Being in a space where the news was being broadcast in the past would have been a nuisance and today it has no meaning. I hear it, but I don’t HEAR it. It doesn’t exist in meaning.

As I’m writing in my journal I stop as the news switches to the weather forecast. As the lady speaks of the upcoming days of weather I don’t actually hear the prediction. Instead I hear and reflect on the parts of society, the parts of me that need to know life’s forecast. What’s happening next, who is this person in my life, when will that thing I want show up and blah blah blah. Moments in time of not being in my now and instead being in some state of concern of a future moment. My now being lived in some other place than where I am.

A spark of appreciation ignites in my awareness as I reflect. I am so in love with my new relationship of my now. Have I mastered my life’s time of my relationship to my now, no, but in this moment I am so connected with it. I am the master of my now, now. My ever expanding, beautiful now.

I am in new depth of my now. My new now of being free from concerns and considerations of people, places and things in my life. Free of “who will you be for me tomorrow, next week, next month, next year”. Instead, my dominant intention is ‘Who am I now. Who am I with you now.’ Not who are you being for me now. Who am I now. What is my experience to you. What is my way of being with you. For my relationship with you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with me.

And I get that. For every time I think about who you may or may not be, I loose the allowance of my connection with me, my connection with my Inner Being; the single most relationship of my life. If I am without me, I am without you and within my connection to me, you exist.

All in this moments time, sitting here, waiting to be called on. ‘Hearing’ my future forecast. I tune out. I do not need to know how you will show up tomorrow. I do not need that forecast. It’s raining now and that is perfect. All I need in this moment is the rain. All I need is me now.

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