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The BIG Things In Life

Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman.
She notified me that I had been listed as a reference on a job application.

It was for a friend of mine.

She prompted herself and asked me to tell her about my friend.
So I shared. I shared what I saw most beautiful in my friend; his finest attributes for they are all that exist.

She replied, “Wow, there is something about you. I can tell you are a really happy person. I have not smiled all day and I needed this.”

I replied, “That is why you have called and that is why my friend listed me. So that we should meet.”

At this point she shared that she had other questions, but had forgotten them.
I took the lead and shared more of my friend and she recalled her other questions.

We both thanked each other and completed the call.

As I reflect on this interaction today I am in awareness of this:

Of the immense joy and satisfaction I experienced in this interaction with this woman. I find much joy in the sweetest of interactions with people. ‘Simple’ hellos can land a smile on my face and offer an extra skip in my step.

Which opens the space/awareness of this:

If One cannot experience (and appreciate) the immense joy in the ‘small’ moments, then One cannot experience (and appreciate) the immense joy in the ‘big’ moments. For small and big are only One’s personal quantifiers of value that One places on them. And One’s ability to experience One’s joy in any moment is solely on One; regardless of the value One places on it.

(HU)Man is not like a box, a triangle or an object of sides, but is of an infinite sphere that has no sides to it and it exists in its entirety. Another way said. Who You are being in every moment of time is who You have allowed yourSELF to be. And who You allow yourSELF to be is what You have allowed yourSELF to receive. All moments, like the sphere live with every point equidistant from its center (You); leaving them rendered all the same.

So what is to be done?

The choice is always Yours.
Consider engaging with the ‘smallest-minutitist’ of moments and blowing them into a magnitude of bliss. Some might say, blowing it out of proportion. Do that, BLOW it completely out of (into) proportion. Tell yourSELF about the amazing 40 second exchange you had with the cashier lady and how BIG and exciting and satisfying it was!

The act of doing this LIGHTENS any load of heaviness in your ‘big’ desires.
It allows the discrepancy (attachment) in your vibration on all matters to disintegrate; rendering them the same. Which ultimately allows that which you have asked for to arrive in no time at all.

“When you take the meaning out of the moments, the moments in which you desire have the capacity to appear.”

And I know you want those things you’ve held as ‘big’. Like your pain free body, that baby in your belly, those 20lbs to just fall away and that partner to play you the way he passionately plays his guitar (or whatever). I want those for you too!

So take the BIGness out of it and get to valuing it all.


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