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The Barnes and Noble Sweet Spot

Sitting there in the gym parking lot, I asked myself “Where to next?”.  Immediately I see an image of Barnes and Noble and think, “okay, I wonder what’s there for me”. As I drive out of the parking lot, I hear ‘go look at books’. Now, you may be thinking, what else would you be doing at a bookstore? This is true, it is a bookstore, but typically when I go there, I go to write and the books are more of a happy addition to the space.


Walking through the entry door I hear ‘Napolean Hill’. Now this isn’t a surprise to me. His name has been showing up for me along with a topic I’ve been exploring with myself and sharing with others in which he writes of.


Strolling past isles, I stop and say to the Universe, “Okay, guide me to where Napolean Hill is”. Heading in the direction I was guided, I run into a lady who works here and ask her to guide me in the direction of Napolean Hill books. Guess where she takes me? In the direction I was guided to.. duh! She informs me that there is a book of his that is in the bargain section and she’ll go get it for me.


Standing there in the Self Help section gazing at Napolean’s books, Anna (that’s the Barnes and Noble lady workers name) returns and hands me the book from the bargain section. It is the book I’m most gravitated to. I smile and thank her. I continue to peruse his books even though I have the book I desire.


A man appears next to me. I feel guided to ask him how he’s doing. We exchange pleasantries and he shares, “If only I can find what I’m looking for”. Confidently I say, “Well, what are you looking for?” “I’m trying to figure out why my relationships are not working out.” I smile at him and share, “Maybe what you’re looking for isn’t in a book.” “Maybe” he chuckles. I glance and notice the section of books he’s looking in is titled Relationships.


I love being of assistance to people and am so inspired in the moment I continue on the conversation. “Why do you believe your relationships have not been working out.” Unsure as to why considering he was standing in front of these books with this question in his mind, “Well, I’ve been on my own for 14 years and it’s commitment”. Knowing that it wasn’t about commitment I ask on, “Have you not discovered someone you’re really interested in?” “I have”, he says, “but I just lose interest”.


Intuitively I ask “Do you prefer monogomous or non-monogomous relationships?” Clearly and not surprised by my question he declares, “non-monogomous”. Ahhh now we’re getting somewhere, I think to myself. “Great! And do you believe that you can have a non-monogomous relationship?” “Yes!” he says. “And do you believe it’s possible for you to meet someone who you desire to have a non-monogomous relationship with?” “Yes” again he states. “Hmmmm… so what’s in the way between you and your desire? Because if you really believed you could have an amazing relationship with someone who also desired non-monogomy then you’d be in it.” “Well”, he says “They’re not into it”. Bingo!!! Excitedly I ask “Do you believe it’s possible to meet someone that you’re interested in and who also desires a non-monogomous relationship for themselves?” “No” he shares.


“Well my friend, you’re not looking for a book on relationships. What you’re looking for is to create a new belief. A new belief about relationships.” Totally in the flow of what I’m sharing, he smiles and agrees. “Let me guide you to a book that may be of more interest to you.” I turn and he follows. I call for Anna. She just so happens to be right there. I ask her to guide Kyle (oh that’s his name Kyle.. I love knowing people’s names) and I to the Abraham Hicks books. She notes that they’re in the Transformation section. I didn’t even know that section existed, but I like it!


Anna hands Kyle ALL of the Abraham Hicks books and walks away. Looking at him with all these beautiful books I ask “Okay, Kyle, which ones feel the best?” Now holding two amazing books he feels guided to, we exchange contact information. He shares with me his excitement to interact and talk with people who are in the place of his desires. I remind him that our interaction and conversation is already a reflection of that which he has been asking for and not only is he going to meet more people who are open to talking about this and living this way, but that he’ll meet that person who has the same relationship desires as he does.


“I am so excited for you and what’s before you to explore and experience in your life. Reach out if you need anything.” I smile.


“So am I. You’re just the person I needed to meet. Things happen for a reason. Thank you.” He expresses.


“This is how I help people.”


“You were born to do this, it is your gift.” As he shared his words I smiled. Well I was pretty much smiling the whole time.. just sayin’. And I continued to smile and reflect. I love the relationship I have allowed myself to have with me. For it’s the love and appreciation I feel of myself that I have to share with others. As he walks away I appreciate our interaction. The sweet spot of life. The sweet spot of being tuned into my intuition and my right time, right place. The sweet spot of where giving and receiving are in the same moment. I turn to look at the Abraham books once more. “Thank you Abraham. Thank you Inner Being. Thank you Universe.”


Paying for my bargain book I hand the checkout lady cash. “Oh keep your nickel, I have four pennies.” Smiling again I leave with more love, worthiness, joy, bliss, alignment and satisfaction.

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