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That’s My Ship

Today Is The Best Day Ever ⛴️???️

Picture yourself standing at a dock.
Your suitcase beside you.
The sun kissing your beautiful skin.
You’re wearing your favorite outfit, so comfortable against your skin.
As you look to the left you observe your ship.
You feel a sensation in your gut.
That’s your ship.
It’s headed out to sea.
You’ve clearly ‘missed’ it.
What now?
That was your Caribbean cruise and now it’s sailing away.
You stand there being with your emotions of not making it to your ship.

5 minutes pass and you notice another ship entering the dock.
You ask the man hopping off, “where is your ship headed Sir?”
He says, “we’re headed to the Caribbean!”
You ponder getting on and stand there in curiosity that this new ship is here.
After a moment the ship begins to leave.
You wonder if you should have gotten on and begin to run towards it.
The ship is now far in the distance you stand now having ‘missed’ another ship.
You think, “how could I have missed another ship to the same destination.”

5 minutes later another ship approaches and you’re ready in the hopes it’s going to the Caribbean.
A woman standing on the ship appears to you.
You call out to her, “Ma’am, where is your ship headed?”
“To the Caribbean!”
This is it!
You step aboard and peak inside.
In a moment you freak out and hop off the ship.
What happened?
Surely this couldn’t have been your ship, for it has already sailed.
“Maybe I’ll wait for my ship to return”, you think to yourself.
There you are, again on the dock… Waiting.

Another 5 minutes and a sailboat arrives at the dock.
You ponder, could this boat be going to the Caribbean, should I get on and just go?
A man and a woman standing starboard appear.
This time they call put to you, “We’ve been expecting you! Climb aboard and we’ll show you a world of wonderment!”
You feel excited!
So excited you leave your suitcase on the dock and fly onto the boat!
You’re there.
You’re on it.
It begins to sail away.
The dock begins to fade.
In a moment you think, “Oh shit! Is this my boat? My suitcase! I never asked where we were going!”
In a panic you jump overboard frantically swimming to the dock.

Now, back on the dock dripping wet.
Standing there you question yourself, “what have I been doing ‘missing’ all these ships of opportunity?”
You decided that opportunity has knocked and all your ships have sailed.
You begin to turn to leave.
A loud horn blows and you turn and the most beautiful yacht appears!
You pause and think, “maybe that’s my ship.”

In a moments time we may think our ship has sailed, that opportunity passed.
That is just not how life works.
The Universe never gives up on us.
When one ship leaves the dock, another one appears.
All we have to do is just wait 5 more minutes and another ship of opportunity will appear.
Eternally appearing never ending opportunity.
And every ship gets to be your ship.

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