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    97 Things of Appreciation

    97 Things of Appreciation The sun The sun on my skin This blue pen Water to drink The sound of the water coming to the shore The ripple of the water The reflection of the sun on the water This adorable mangrove The photo I took of the mangrove This notebook The sand on my feet Sitting in the sand The jolly friendly man I just spoke with I really love this happy guy This town The frequency of the sun first occurring in this day The smile on my face The man who mentioned smiling on my facebook post Time Abundance of life on planet earth This time This…

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    Love Living Florida

    For the first time in my life I love living in Florida. I had all sorts of reasons for not fully being in love with it. Reasons that were just all excuses for me to focus on something that disallowed me to feel good. In truth if it wasn’t “Florida” it was something or someone else. One day I got specific with my inquiry to the Universe. I had had ‘enough’ with only temporary loving the new place I moved to. This was a feeling I noticed within me. So I asked “What is this REALLY about”. What surfaced had nothing to do with the new place I moved to…

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    In The Darkness

    I wake in darkness, just as I asked the Universe to do for me. I love telling the Universe what I desire and allowing it to happen.  What was my desire exactly?  It was to walk with the morning Sun “rising”.  I have been enjoying my early morning walks and I wanted to walk as the Sun is occurring to me and that is what was happening Now. As I stroll out of my house with my hydration pack in tow, I take in the slight coolness of this morning.  Ahhhh I love when there is coolness in the morning.  Breathing it in… Feeling it against my skin… Moving my…