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    Nature; Reveals All Answers

    I am totally obsessed head over heels in love with Nature! I was going to say myself (instead of Nature) because where does love come from when we’re living something/someone? It comes from/flows through SELF. If I am loving YOU, I am experiencing that love, not because of YOU, but because of Me. The love is me, it is what I am focused upon. The same is true if I am hating you. I am not hating you because of YOU. I am hating YOU because of Me. The disdain, hate, wrongness lives within me and am experiencing it as I focus upon some aspect of interpretation of YOU.. So…

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    The Barnes and Noble Sweet Spot

    Sitting there in the gym parking lot, I asked myself “Where to next?”.  Immediately I see an image of Barnes and Noble and think, “okay, I wonder what’s there for me”. As I drive out of the parking lot, I hear ‘go look at books’. Now, you may be thinking, what else would you be doing at a bookstore? This is true, it is a bookstore, but typically when I go there, I go to write and the books are more of a happy addition to the space.   Walking through the entry door I hear ‘Napolean Hill’. Now this isn’t a surprise to me. His name has been showing…