• The NATURE of Wellbeing

    BEING WITH NATURE IS A GREAT PLACE TO ACCESS YOUR WELLBEING. No matter the wellbeing you seek– mental, emotional, physical –It can ALWAYS be experienced with Nature. It’s as simple as stepping outside and turning your FOCUS towards any aspect of Nature. Just by BEING WITH Nature your vibration shifts as you naturally allow yourself to release resistance and align with Source/God/The Universe – YOU. So GO OUTSIDEand be with YOUby being with NatureAND ACCESS THE WELLBEINGthat is already yours. In Gratitude,KerryThe Universe Made Me Do It®

  • Nature; Reveals All Answers

    I am totally obsessed head over heels in love with Nature! I was going to say myself (instead of Nature) because where does love come from when we’re living something/someone? It comes from/flows through SELF. If I am loving YOU, I am experiencing that love, not because of YOU, but because of Me. The love is me, it is what I am focused upon. The same is true if I am hating you. I am not hating you because of YOU. I am hating YOU because of Me.…