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    That’s My Ship

    Today Is The Best Day Ever ⛵⛴️???️ Picture yourself standing at a dock. Your suitcase beside you. The sun kissing your beautiful skin. You’re wearing your favorite outfit, so comfortable against your skin. As you look to the left you observe your ship. You feel a sensation in your gut. That’s your ship. It’s headed out to sea. You’ve clearly ‘missed’ it. What now? That was your Caribbean cruise and now it’s sailing away. You stand there being with your emotions of not making it to your ship. 5 minutes pass and you notice another ship entering the dock. You ask the man hopping off, “where is your ship headed Sir?”…

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    I Am The Magician ?

    I am the magician of my own world.  When I think it, it is so. When I imagine it, it is so. When I speak it, it is so. I am it, and it is so. I went from actualizing my desires in months and weeks time to now days, hours and minutes of them becoming my reality.  When I receive the thought.. poof! When I imagine it.. poof! When I meditate.. poof! I now get what true faith is. I now get what Abraham Hicks has been talking about. I get it because I’ve become it.. allowed it into my life. Now, anyone can do it. You can sit…