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    I Am The World 🌎

    You cannot ask someone to “protect” something they have no relationship with. ie: NATURE You cannot ask someone who is disconnected from SOURCE to care for the whole. ie: HUMANITY You cannot ask of others to be something YOU do not already see them. You cannot blame others for what you see wrong in the world, for what you see in the world is seen, felt, experienced and created by YOU. You 𝓬𝓪𝓷 be the conduit of living YOUR authentic expression. You 𝓬𝓪𝓷 light the way by YOU being an example through living a life in alignment with YOU. 👇Read and expressed in “I”👇 What if I started engaging with…

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    I Am The Magician ?

    I am the magician of my own world.  When I think it, it is so. When I imagine it, it is so. When I speak it, it is so. I am it, and it is so. I went from actualizing my desires in months and weeks time to now days, hours and minutes of them becoming my reality.  When I receive the thought.. poof! When I imagine it.. poof! When I meditate.. poof! I now get what true faith is. I now get what Abraham Hicks has been talking about. I get it because I’ve become it.. allowed it into my life. Now, anyone can do it. You can sit…

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    Take “them” Out Of The Equation

    One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was to take other people out of the equation of what I desire. I spent most of my life basing my desires on the desires of other people. I would ask them what they wanted and then base my decision on theirs. It was exhausting and ultimately led to relationships with all sorts of people that didn’t feel good. I created a world of solitude within myself because I was suffocated by the world. But no one was doing anything to me. I created it all myself. I gave away the knowing within myself in exchange for fear. It was a repeditive…