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    Living Authenticity

    There is so much to say. And the call to share it is strong. I wrote something yesterday and then set it aside. I have the impulse write something else today and I will. You see it occurs to me as not my usual ‘softness’. After purging my constrained anger, there is a spicyness flowing in my way of being as of late; and it’s showing itself in my writing. It’s so much of what I hold back in conversation with people. It’s the ‘come to jesus’, ‘wake the fuck up’ and I just want to shake the shit out of you conversation. Now, though holding this piece back just…

  • Blog,  Intuition,  Manifest,  Perspective,  Spirituality

    In The Darkness

    I wake in darkness, just as I asked the Universe to do for me. I love telling the Universe what I desire and allowing it to happen.  What was my desire exactly?  It was to walk with the morning Sun “rising”.  I have been enjoying my early morning walks and I wanted to walk as the Sun is occurring to me and that is what was happening Now. As I stroll out of my house with my hydration pack in tow, I take in the slight coolness of this morning.  Ahhhh I love when there is coolness in the morning.  Breathing it in… Feeling it against my skin… Moving my…