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    I remember this day vividly. It was the weekend I did my Landmark Forum.   When I was 16 years old, I was raped by one of my classmates. He shared the experience with everyone as if it didn’t happen the way it did. It was talked about and I was teased about it. I chose to keep it inside. I didn’t tell my parents as I thought they would love me less and that anything I may have done or would do in my life would be viewed through the filter of this experience. For 16 years I tried to hide it from myself as if it didn’t happen.…

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    The Forecast of Life

    Today Is The Best Day Ever ?️ Sitting here in the waiting room I hear the local news emitting from tvs. I must say the news is not my ‘thing’. There it is, noise in the background of my environment. Being in a space where the news was being broadcast in the past would have been a nuisance and today it has no meaning. I hear it, but I don’t HEAR it. It doesn’t exist in meaning. As I’m writing in my journal I stop as the news switches to the weather forecast. As the lady speaks of the upcoming days of weather I don’t actually hear the prediction. Instead I hear…

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    Love Living Florida

    For the first time in my life I love living in Florida. I had all sorts of reasons for not fully being in love with it. Reasons that were just all excuses for me to focus on something that disallowed me to feel good. In truth if it wasn’t “Florida” it was something or someone else. One day I got specific with my inquiry to the Universe. I had had ‘enough’ with only temporary loving the new place I moved to. This was a feeling I noticed within me. So I asked “What is this REALLY about”. What surfaced had nothing to do with the new place I moved to…