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    Who Am I

    Saturday I made a shift in how I ‘work’ with my clients (and interact with people). I have been continuously stepping into the shift everyday and Saturday I allowed this shift to take a new conscious level. Over the years, I’ve worked with people, and have been ‘trained’ in looking for what’s wrong, what’s the problem. When I first started my ‘career’, I resonated with this. I was a different person for sure, so it suited me. I could spend hours talking with someone about what their ‘symptoms’ were. Over time, this began to not resonate with me. It didn’t feel ‘good’ to talk with someone continuously about what was…

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    Love Living Florida

    For the first time in my life I love living in Florida. I had all sorts of reasons for not fully being in love with it. Reasons that were just all excuses for me to focus on something that disallowed me to feel good. In truth if it wasn’t “Florida” it was something or someone else. One day I got specific with my inquiry to the Universe. I had had ‘enough’ with only temporary loving the new place I moved to. This was a feeling I noticed within me. So I asked “What is this REALLY about”. What surfaced had nothing to do with the new place I moved to…

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    I Am The Magician ?

    I am the magician of my own world.  When I think it, it is so. When I imagine it, it is so. When I speak it, it is so. I am it, and it is so. I went from actualizing my desires in months and weeks time to now days, hours and minutes of them becoming my reality.  When I receive the thought.. poof! When I imagine it.. poof! When I meditate.. poof! I now get what true faith is. I now get what Abraham Hicks has been talking about. I get it because I’ve become it.. allowed it into my life. Now, anyone can do it. You can sit…