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Sweet Release

As I stared at that piece of paper, holding my limiting beliefs about money, about my abundance, I realized that all these thoughts and feelings were outside of me.  They were not in me, not cemented to the walls of my cells.  They were transmutable and airy.  For if they were not, I wouldn’t be able to place them on this sheet of paper.  For the first time, I didn’t feel I was the lack of these stories I wrote down.  For the first time I saw them as separate, as outside of me.  I paused in this moment.  Taking my new awareness in.  Allowing it to solidify.  Allowing the separateness of these beliefs to be truly felt, to be truly known.

I began thanking them, all of them, for serving me well.  I thanked them for being apart of my life in the way they were.  I thanked them for showing up in the ways they did.  I thank them for helping me know what it is I truly desire in my life.  I thanked them for being the gift that they have always been.  I thanked them for being.  I raised the paper to my face and I kissed all of them.  Feeling true appreciation in my heart for their unconditional gift.

I guided the paper to the flame, a flame I had previously lit in anticipation of this moment.  The words “Thank You” continuously flooded past my lips.  The paper reaching the flame, catching fire to those old beliefs.  The flame gaining momentum, alive on the paper.  It amazed me at how easily those old beliefs could go.  I watched all my words and those old stories turn to ash.  It was astonishing how separate those thoughts really were.  And when only ash remained, I easily walked away. I walked away and made my choice in the moment to never recreate or search for those old stories again.  I walked away with the true abundance I have always sought, the abundance within myself.

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