Earth Medicine is the use of Earth’s elements to have an experience with ourselves that alter and changes our current physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing all while creating and enhancing our connection with the Divine Mother Earth.

All Earth Medicine is intuitively created and guided by Dr Kerry Kott. This medicine is utilized for all aspects of your life experience; physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is no limitation for what can be created for you and your life through work of Earth Medicine with Dr Kott. What is even possible that most beings do not know of or expect is the use of this medicine to manifest experiences and ways of being into your life.

This is true Spirit Medicine.

I have been connecting and working with the Earth since I was a little girl growing up in the country of Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. For the past 12 years through my training in Eastern Medicine I have professionally explored and utilized Earth Medicine to impact other beings lives.

I work intuitively and through the power of intention when creating an Earth Medicine formula for someone. What this means is that I listen to the call of the plants who will have the most transformational impact in combination of the intention called forth from the being I am creating the medicine for. In connectedness these two aspects deliver what the being is truly desiring for themselves and their lives.

*Dr Kerry Kott pictured here in the hillside in Madrid Spain with wild growing Spanish Lavender.


You will have an initial 20 minute call with Dr Kott. This call is very focused and intentional. For the dimension that Dr Kott works, past history is irrelevant and all conversation is had from a state of now experience.

After your call, Dr Kott goes to intuitive work on creating your Earth Medicine.

In order to fulfill on the intention of your medicine, YOU must take the formulas as guided (prescribed).


You answer YES to ALL of the following questions

  • Are you ready to feel better?
  • Are you ready for the quantum shift you’re truly seeking out?
  • Are you willing to take the formulas as guided (prescribed)?
  • Are you willing to e-mail Dr Kott every week of your progress?

You answer ALL these questions before your call

  • What’s currently happening in your life that you’d like to have be different?
  • What is your intention for your Earth Medicine?
  • What do you want this formula to do for you?
  • How do you want to feel?


  • The creation of your medicine comes in three forms; raw (dried), granule and/or tincture.
  • Your actually medicine is an additional investment: Raw: $10-$40; Granule: $20-$40; Tincture: $15-$25
  • It is compounded in an apothecary in St Petersburg Florida and can be picked up locally.
  • Shipping is an additional $9 investment.
  • Your medicine is created for a 3-4 weeks duration.
  • Initial Earth Medicine call: $125
  • Established Earth Medicine call: $65
  • Weekly e-mail progress reports (provided by you).

Create Your Earth Medicine

Step 1: Schedule & Pay for your call

Step 2: Pay for cost of Earth Medicine & Shipping (if applicable)