There is a Christian radio song I love by Zach Williams called Fear Is A Liar. It inspired me to do a video as well as the snake I saw before I decided to do it. You can check it out on the YouTube link below. So I stepped through the fear to do it and wow did I feel gree! Fear will rob your sleep, peace and happiness if you let it. Fear will keep you thinking the worst and constantly looking over your shoulder or waiting on the next shoe to drop. Living in fear is not living that is living jailed in your own BS mind of EGO. The truth is you are infinite piece of God, Source of all creation and you can do, be or have anything you desire when you remove the veil, open your eyes to see the truth and believe. Tell yourself on the steady repeat, I am enough, I am worthy, I have the favor of God, I am love, I am peace…I am God experiencing life in this form right here right now. I call those affirmations the rocket boosters that will blast you into the infinite abundance waiting for you on the other side of fear!

Step Through The Fear YouTube Video