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Spirit of Comfrey

The Spirit of the Comfrey..
with its friend the Grasshopper!

Can you see the Grasshopper?

The Comfrey is not afraid to stand alone; to be the light that shines regardless of who is or isn’t around. Comfrey grows tall reaching its leaves to the sky; erect in it’s knowing. While its flower grows facing the Earth. Bending a new perspective. A perspective unlike most other plants.

Comfrey is a warrior of Inner Truth. It will not budge on its knowing of perspective, not because it is rigid, because of its knowing.

Call upon Comfrey, the spirit of Comfrey if you’re in need of being YOUR INNER Truth. Sit with Comfrey; land yourself in a field and just sit. For when you sit with Comfrey, you sit with YOU.

..oh and that sweet Grasshopper.. You know why it’s there? Because everyone loves being with Truth (Comfrey). Truth is radiant, confident, attractive.

So be the Grasshopper and be YOUR Truth.

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