Plant Alchemy

Handmade Wildcrafted + Organic

The Universe Made Me Do It® Plant Alchemy embodies the Spirit of the Plants and your Heart’s Intention.

As YOU consume this medicine YOU become your Intention and the magic of the Universe unfolds.

“The plants are speaking. Plants are magnificent living beings with their own unique expressions of vibration. If you listen, you will hear them.

These Plant formulas are the Spirit of the plants. For me the importance in any medicine is the intention. As I create these alchemical blends it is through the intention that the plants that align best show themselves to me.

It’s a game of who wants to come play and co-create together!”

The majority of the Plants are wildcrafted in Michigan, Florida and from around the world. All other plant ingredients, when unable to harvest from the wild are organic.


The Universe Made Me Do It® online clothing + merchandise is fulfilled through our partnership with Teespring. When you order, you order through Teespring.

Our shop includes:

  • The Universe Made Me Do It®
  • Today Is The Best Day Ever
  • Namaste Motherfuckers
  • The Universe Is My Sugar Mama

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I partner with brands and people who are:

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  • Authentic
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Pure Fire Foods

“You know why I love PURE FIRE FOODS?  Because the creation of these tonics are mindful and sacred.  The plants are listened to + honored, each batch set forth with intention, they have local musicians who come and play music with them while they’re brewing and each bottle before capped is whispered the world LOVE to.”

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“I have utilized ear seeds in my Chinese Medicine practice for years. The ears are an amazing microsystem of the entire body and ear seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate points on this microsystem. It’s like acupuncture in the ears without needles and the ability to keep the ear seeds in for days stimulating those points. EarSeeds® offers a great way for you to have this experience + healing.”

Please Note: I am happy to guide you in your ear seed experience. Please contact me.”

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