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Selfishness 🙏

If you ask me to not be selfish so I can do something you want me to do for you – you in turn are being selfish.

Let the selfish – unselfish talk go.

Who gives a fuck why someone does or doesn’t do anything.

Stop asking people to not do what’s best for them in order for them to do something for you so you can be satisfied.

Stop asking people to not be selfish because when you do, you’re the selfish one. But it’s a different kind of selfish. It’s the kind that says, “I need you to do/be X for me so I feel better.”.

And when someone is being selfish for the sake of self they are saying, “this is what is good and right for me right now and I choose it because it’s my highest good. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.”

See the difference.

And if you don’t like someone’s motives because you think they’re selfish, take a look at yourself. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING we do or don’t do is bathed in selfishness. We do things for others because it feels good. We do things for ourselves because it feels good.

Period. End quote. End of story.

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