Women’s Transformative Nature Retreat ~ April 9-12, 2020

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$499 (USD) by February 29, 2020

$549 (USD) by April 1, 2020

  • Full Payment by April 1 — $549 (USD)
  • Installment Plan — 2 Payments of $290 (USD)

*All final payments must be received by April 1, 2020.

*Registration is open to 12 Goddesses

*Retreat registration confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions. I have read and agree with the Retreat Terms and Conditions.

7 in stock


The Women’s Transformative Nature Retreat is a unique experience of stepping into the unknown of the yet discovered depths of our being.  We will be harnessing the high vibration of Nature, the clarity of sound healing, the manifestation of writing, the power of Intention and the magic of Ceremony.

Every element of our retreat is created with intention in guidance with The Universe. Every activity from the meal experience to ceremony is enveloped and expressed with this intention, adding to the whole of the retreat. This experience is deep and transformative and isn’t so much about what we will be DOING, but our intention of who we are BEING.

You are invited to come with one particular area of our life experience that you are ready to transmute. This can be ANY area, any part of your experience. It’s not that you will only transmute this area of your life, but when you come with clear intention you receive clear delivery.


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