Trusted Housesitters 25% off Membership

I remember my first house & pet sit like it was yesterday. It also happens to be my favorite sit to date.

“Their names are Pablo and Arthur. Two little sweet pekingese dogs in Stockholm Sweden. Truthfully I much prefer the company of cats, but my impulse to sit them is TOO strong to ignore.  

I show up, ready to experience this week with them and I find myself in a flat overlooking the water, next to a long wooded trail, in quietness away from the city, a bike for use and just 15 minutes from the city center. My kind of heaven.

I find myself now at the end of my week with Pablo and Arthur; completely in love with them. I’ve never met a pair as amazing, funny and sweet as these two. My relationship with dogs alter from being in their presence.”

I find myself still thinking of them and bringing a smile to my face. They are forever cemented in my heart.

Every house & pet sit is unique unto itself. Each one with their own gifts and reflections of expansion.

The TrustedHousesitters membership is a breeze and the expansion and relationships are eternal. It’s one of the most comforting and unique ways I’ve discovered to travel.

Discover your own Pablo and Arthur and travel the world in a whole new enriching way. I’ve teamed up with TrustedHousesitters to offer you 25% off your membership — it’s truly a priceless.



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