Thinx Free Shipping (US only)

I bleed. (period)
And if you’re reading this, so do you or someone you know. (period)

Over 2 years ago I discovered Thinx.

It changed my bleeding world. Who the hell wants to shove unnatural products and foreign objects in their body. Besides the obvious ones for sexual pleasure (yeah I said it). I had been over and not using tampas for years, but even the use of a menstrual cup just wasn’t resonating as much anymore (where are all my CUP loving ladies at).

Then @shethinx entered my world. And the FREEDOM to free bleed was my new reality.

Periods aren’t taboo. And if women didn’t bleed, none of us would be here.

Get your own pair and discover the new level of FREEDOM that awaits you!
I’ve teamed up with Thinx to deliver you free shipping on your first order. — if they don’t help you period better in 60 days, you’ll get your $$$ back.


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