Quantum Shifts 6 Month Adventure


Quantum Shifts 6 Month Adventure

One Session every TWO weeks; 12 sessions in total

$2,400 Investment


Sessions are created with time focused on intention & being in the silence to hear the communication of your heart.

Over the past 9 years I have worked one on one with my clients through my Chinese Medicine practice and now specialize in quantum body shifts – which isn’t about the focus on the body, but the communication from the body. All these sessions are over the phone unless otherwise created.

These sessions ARE not about digging through the problem/pain/complaint. That is not the work I do. The work is to INNER-stand YOU.

In your sessions we look at what’s showing itself to you in your now and what there is to be done about it. Not what is to be done about it in your outer world, but your inner world. We play in the quantum field where there is not time, there is no past, present, or future, there is only now. Our work together isn’t about fixing something or overcoming it. It’s about connecting with YOU, your HEART in the quantum.

By working this way, true inner shifts occur that it is only law that your outer world shifts.

Please note that each session is intuitively guided and unique. What is necessary for you in your current session is the journey that is honored.

Ready to SHIFT YOUR REALITY and be the deliberate CREATOR you came to planet earth for, then let’s get going!


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