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The Price of Perfection – Part 2 馃槱
by Kerry Kott

Nothing is ever compartmentalized in our lives. The price of perfection does have a cost; especially on our relationships with others.

Your perfectionism addiction is impacting your relationships if:

馃檵 There is (at least) one relationship in your life that isn't working out the way you want it to

馃檵 On the outside you smile and on the inside you cry

馃檵 You're debilitated by fatigue at times

馃檵 The world of overwhelment is a very real and alive experience everyday

馃檵 You feel like a container that you need to maintain to avoid blowing up

馃檵 Some very important area of your life has NOT been working out despite ALL the work you've done on yourself to be better

馃檵 You stop yourself in taking action for fear of it and you not being good enough

馃檵 You've fantasized what it would be like to die to release yourself from the confinement and suffocation of things not working out

馃檵 You prefer to spend the majority of your time by yourself as to be 'left alone'

馃檵 You create a facade that you have it all together so those around you won't figure out that you don't

馃檵 Your body aches and hurts and yet nothing you do alleviates the discomfort

馃檵 When you see social media posts of others living out their dreams you experience fear, worry, sadness, overwhelment

馃憜 Or anything along those lines of your own version. Now most of these do not directly say anything about relationships and yet all of this affects how you interact with the people in your lives. Fatigue impacting your ability to be present in a conversation, body pains impacting your desire to engage in physical adventures, and etc.. If it impacts you, it impacts your relationships.

The amazing news about all of this is that in your awareness there is power to break your silence. Perfectionism is a sad and depressing world to live in.

In this episode I share…

鉁达笍 The impact that my perfectionism has had in my relationship with my Mom.

鉁达笍 How screaming at my Mom over food was the breakdown I needed to see just how alive my perfectionism is in my life. 鉁达笍 The actions I took in my awareness.

鉁达笍 What's possible for you and your life in your awareness.

鉁达笍 A powerful intention that is THE access to your Freedom

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The Price of Perfection – Part 2 馃槱
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