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A podcast unraveling manifestations, Law of Attraction, the magic of the Universe, the Power of Nature, exploring True Self authentic reality and endlessly guiding you to you.
Authenticity – The Key To Your Unique Expression 🦸 Manifesting Australia – Day 11
by Kerry Kott

A charming and life altering series of being a conscious creator and the manifestations of life in Australia. How day to day life looks living in intention and how YOU can apply it to YOUR life.

In this episode I share with you…

🗝️ How Authenticity is the key to the door you believe is locked

🤷 If you can’t be real with you, noone else will be

🦹 Your unique SELF desires to be expressed

🧘🏼‍♀️ How others reflect our internal state

🤸 Nobody is FUN without your permission

🎶 A Britney Spears jingle by ME

🌊 Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Avalon Beach, Australia.

I get real with you about…

💥 How I’ve judged and compared myself to others.


in Love,

Dr Kerry Kott 💖

💥 I inspire my clients how to live from their SOUL. AND manifest the tangible, juicy experiences, people and places that matters to them.

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