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Pain Shows Up In Our Lives For A Reason

I read a post today that said “Pain shows up in our lives for a reason: something needs to Change.”

Every symptom we experience is present for a reason. It’s our body’s way of communicating with us. When we ignore it, it screams louder. This can be difficult for some to acknowledge. When we try to cover it up or ignore it, it screams louder and leads to continued stress and more physical and emotional pain.

Our body is our friend. It expresses pain not to punish us, but to help us. If we can simply acknowledge this, we open ourselves up to change.

I’ve seen a lot of patients experience knee pain as a message to “Slow down. You’re doing to much, putting to much on yourself.”. Back pain can be expressed from feeling insecure in a romantic relationship to worries over finances. Laryngitis can surface through a situation where you’re not fully communicating your thoughts and feeling freely. The symptom is showing up as a way to bring attention to your stifled communication.

There are some easy steps to recognize, heal your physical and emotional pain and change your life?

1) Awareness. Acknowledge the symptom for its presence.

2) Appreciation. Say “thank you for being here and letting me know that something in my life is not right”.

3) Ask. “Why are you here? What message do you bring me?”

4) Listen. Allow yourself to sit in silence for a moment as you connect with you body. Trust any thoughts, feelings, emotions or advice you hear. It’s okay if you do not experience anything in that moment. The information will come as you continue your day. You may be led to a specific book or receive the information through a conversation with a friend.

5) Follow Through. Trust the feedback you received and act on it!

6) Gratitude. Thank your body for its assistance in helping improve your life!

What is your symptom communicating to you? 🤔👇

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