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    A delay; A pause is a Good Thing

    📍 Nugal, Croatia I foraged through the uneven, sharp, rocky terrain to get here; literally and figuratively. I fell twice on my way here. Once surprised I didn’t break my ankle. I so wanted to get to this nude beach; but not this one pictured here. I tried to get to the one I thought I wanted to go to. After falling twice, scraping my legs I had one last hill to climb. So close I stopped. I stopped and just stood there. My guidance telling me to turn around and go back the other direction. I stood there, hillside until I made peace with my guidance. I turned back.…

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    The Purge 🤮

    Purging, energetically and physically 🤮… I spent Monday and Tuesday purging from my body as it rained outside for those two days. I asked the Universe for water and I got it. Also meters away from Europe’s largest waterfall. I shared a previous post about being exhausted from sharing and it’s occurrence of being like a job I don’t get paid for. Which was true. I mean all this sharing because that’s what you do when you have a business, you share. And from the experts, you do it everyday multiple times a day. And on top of that I hear from others all the time how my sharing positively…

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    W O N D E R M E N T

    Have you ever looked through the world with your child eyes. Wait, scratch that. What I mean is looked with that child wonderment. That wonderment that is our natural state. It’s not that it only exists as children, it’s just that somewhere along the way it gets (or tries to) stamped out of us, by ‘adults’. It’s fascinating how stages of life have taken on personas and some it would seem fall in line with those personas. Adult is a definition of fully grown or developed. No where in there does it say anything about anything else. Period. So this term, ‘adulting’; I’m done adulting for the day. Not sure…

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    Number One Benefit of Intentional Silence

    Do you know what the number one benefit of Intentional Silence is? Wouldn’t you first like to know the difference between silence and intentional silence?  Did you even know there was a difference?  Well, there completely is and both have a different impact on your wellbeing.  Can you guess which one has more of the benefits you’re looking for in your day to day life? Discover the difference between the two and the number one benefit of being intentional about it.

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    “I gotta figure it out!”

    I’ve been in Europe now for 10 days and up until yesterday had been swimming in the pool of “I gotta figure it out”. I gotta figure out where I’m going next, so much when I was in Lisbon I was trying to figure out where to go to next. When I was in Madrid, where to next. And not just where to next, but where am I going to stay and etc in the next place. This occurrence of, “I gotta figure it out” stole th show of my present moment. So much the first few days seem but a haze. Tomorrow I’m traveling from Barcelona. Where to? I…

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    An Introduction of Me; Dr Kerry Kott

    HELLO beautiful beings!!!!!! I am introducing myself, proudly 😍 And what a great day to do so on… a day of divine feminine celebration. And as “mom” is not just devoted to the female embodiment, but the true essence of femininity in all of it’s expressions. For we all embody it in varying degrees. I love conversation and living in the Magic of the Universe and immersing with Nature. Fun facts: I am a Florida licensed primary care physician as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have lived in that area for the past 10 years. Learned Pranic healing 7 years ago and met a man in Hawaii 6 years…

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    Nature IS Our Home

    Nature IS our home. We are not separate. If you think that this planet; Earth is not our home, you’ve missed the marker. That we are simply a guest of this place is outlandish. We are not damaging her by being with her. We are damaging ourselves by not being with her. There are a million (and then some) ways to impact this Earth and they are not found fighting against what is unwanted. The answers always lay in the connection of self with self. ☝️ This is the ONLY place peace exists, a thriving planet exists, love exists. There are many people I’ve heard say, “we are fucking up…

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    The Power; the Magic of Intention

    Okay, so let me share a secret with you.  It’s all about intention. The POWER; the MAGIC of intention. Intention IS everything!  I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  What you create in our language matters!  What you say goes. So check it👇 “That’s hard” “I don’t have the money for that” “This (insert not great feeling thing) happens to me all the time” “I don’t know how to do that” “NO I can’t (fill in the blank with anything)” This all creates that to be true.  And you just get more of all the stuff you ‘don’t want’.  Why? Because we live in a Universe of inclusion. Which means what you speak about,…

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    Who I Get To Be When I Love You

    I realized last night why I love this cat so much! As I’ve brought him here to Michigan to stay for the year with my parents I noticed moments of “sadness” about being away from him physically. So I got curious as to why that emotion is presenting itself. Last night laying in my bed, it came to me, “Dexter is a manifestation of a being who lets me pour my love all over him. He lets me hold him, kiss him, massage his pppaws and pet him a million times over.” This thought was followed by a thought of being in past romantic partnerships where some partners were just…