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    Death Becomes Her; a 2019 Irish Appreciation

    One of the most amazing highlights of 2019 was when I traveled to a land I had always dreamed of visiting, #IRELAND, and it turned to shit. I manifested a moldy dump of a house with 7 cats, urine on the floor and a kitchen I’d never wish anyone to eat in; one cat I had to physical assist it to poop and one who died. Oh! and a customs interrogation that had me throwing a sad party of tears for myself, almost denied entry and stamped with visiting limitations. You might be wondering why this is an amazing highlight. It’s precisely what I mentioned above AND who I had…

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    It’s Not New Year’s, It’s Your Focus

    There are no rules on how to live your life. Except for the ones that you believe exist. It may be a new year and yet nothing is different except your state of mind. You see, it is not New Year’s that creates a new beginning for you and your life, it’s your belief that it does. Your mind, your focus is one of the most valuable tools you have to experiencing anything in life that you desire. It is not New Year’s. It is not Christmas. It is not your birthday. It is not your wedding day. It is not your holiday. It is your focus. You do not…

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    I Am The World 🌎

    You cannot ask someone to “protect” something they have no relationship with. ie: NATURE You cannot ask someone who is disconnected from SOURCE to care for the whole. ie: HUMANITY You cannot ask of others to be something YOU do not already see them. You cannot blame others for what you see wrong in the world, for what you see in the world is seen, felt, experienced and created by YOU. You 𝓬𝓪𝓷 be the conduit of living YOUR authentic expression. You 𝓬𝓪𝓷 light the way by YOU being an example through living a life in alignment with YOU. 👇Read and expressed in “I”👇 What if I started engaging with…

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    I bleed. (period)

    I bleed. (period) And so does half of the population. (period) Over 2 years ago I discovered THINX and it changed my bleeding world. Who the hell wants to shove unnatural products and forgeign objects in their body. Besides the obvious ones for sexual pleasure (yeah I said it). I had been over and not using tampas for years, but even the use of a menstrual cup just wasn’t resonating as much anymore (🙋 where are all my CUP loving ladies at ). And then the FREEDOM to free bleed was my new reality. 🤸 AMEN! Periods aren’t taboo. And if women didn’t bleed, none of us would be here.…

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    Feeling Your Way To What You Want

    Ever focus so much on the problem you cannot find the solution? Ever want someone or something to show up so much they don’t or it doesn’t? In this episode I take YOU on a journey of how to pivot your focus to allow that which you desire to show up!  It’s a subtle dance with YOU and YOU.  Knowing when to direct your focus right at what you desire and when to focus it elsewhere. This episode will blow you away at the power of turning your cheek to your desires. Check out this episode!

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    I NEED.

    “Hey everyone! Can you please send me and my family thoughts and prayers of love and appreciation. We all feel so good and your thoughts and prayers will bring more feeling good to all of us and YOU”. 👆 Said noone ever… Well maybe not ever, but I’ve surely only seen people asking for thoughts and prayers in the something is wrong and it needs to be different context. So it got me thinking… Why is it that things are “given” in larger outward scales to a person or person’s of “need”. And I get it – we live in a world of constant flow and moving and of balance,…

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    Selfishness 🙏

    If you ask me to not be selfish so I can do something you want me to do for you – you in turn are being selfish. Let the selfish – unselfish talk go. Who gives a fuck why someone does or doesn’t do anything. Stop asking people to not do what’s best for them in order for them to do something for you so you can be satisfied. Stop asking people to not be selfish because when you do, you’re the selfish one. But it’s a different kind of selfish. It’s the kind that says, “I need you to do/be X for me so I feel better.”. And when…

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    I Know Who I Am

    In this episode I remind YOU of who you truly are.  I may say “I”, but YOU are the I; we are the I.  The takeaway?  The MOST magical declaration. I sure the tales of my journey with Ireland.  How I entered into this country kicking and screaming, with $200 in my bank account, no plans, no return ticket and almost denied to enter the country with a stamp of a limitation of time.  I didn’t want to be in this magical place that I had dreamed about and imagined for years.   How the declaration, the remembrance, has shifted my world with 5 words in the vibration it holds.  See…

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    A Reminder…

    I am so in love with Ireland. Not because it’s beautiful, though it sure is. I wasn’t quite in love being here until yesterday (and Ireland didn’t have anything to do with that, truly). I just had to remind myself who I really am and POW I was able to see the depths, beauty all around me. This is my second visit with the Cliffs of Moher and it’s amazing how my shift in perspective, in my presence my experience here was much more magical and stunning. The wind was so strong and after watching the birds dive and fly with it I danced and sang like a bird –…

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    The Power of Choice

    Enter scene…  You’re experiencing life and already constantly choosing my default.  Then something begins to happen, a new awareness and now what?  Now is the opportunity with new awareness for conscious choice.  Not based on what is wrong, but what do I desire for myself and my life in this moment in time type of choice. In this episode I talk about choice and how to choose.  Now You may be thinking, sounds simple. And it is.  Choice is very simple. Sometimes our conversation around it is made complex.  And I share how to be ready to choose. So happy choosing to listen 🎧 Check out this episode!