Lets spend an amazing time immersing in nature.
Lets melt into the surround sound of nature together.
Lets let nature be the conduit to allowing a clear connection with our inner guidance.
Lets let this experience be THE experience we’re asking for whatever we’re dealing with.
Lets let nature do all the work!

All we need to do is show up and be a stand for ourselves for something new. Nature is one of the most transformational spaces to come into greater alignment with who we really are. Nature is our natural home. So we return to home, only to remember ourselves.

If clarity is what you’re asking for, this experience is for you!
If peace of mind is what you seek, this experience is for you!
If ease is what you need, this experience is for you!

Our Nature Walks & Meditation is a unique experience of stepping into Nature with Intention and Silence.

So how does that look?

  • Before we begin our walk, we take a moment to say hello, sign in and hear guidance for your experience.
  • $$ Contribution collected
  • We then connect in a short meditation to connect with the Universe and your Heart Space to be clear about your intentions for showing up to this experience.
  • Our walk is in intentional silence. Intentional Silence creates the space for us to hear, smell, see, touch and even taste parts of nature we’ve never experienced before. This is really an opportunity to allow a clearer opening to hear your inner guidance. This is about you connecting with YOU.
  • Once we’re guided to the perfect spot for us, we sit, lay or stand to be still and silent with nature. This stillness and silence is extremely powerful in flowing the magic of the Universe through us.
  • Stillness and silence is followed by an intuited meditation. During this time any guidance flowing through me from the Universe is shared. Sometimes this looks like a guided way to connect with Nature and/or a message through words. I invite you at this time to listen for the message that is for you.
  • We complete our experience together with appreciation and sharing. You are welcome to stay in nature beyond our set gathering time and will guide those desiring to return to our starting point back.


Registration is confirmed via payment. Once payment it received your spot is reserved. Every event created through Facebook has a link to Register via Eventbrite.*

*Want to skip the fees? Payment also accepted via CASH or VENMO. On VENMO find us under THE UNIVERSE MADE ME DO IT

Nature Walks & Meditation happen all over the world!

To see where we’ll be and stay up to date on current Nature Walks & Meditation visit our Facebook Event Page.*

*Make sure you’re notified of any pertinent information regarding an upcoming Nature Walk & Meditation, we recommend clicking “interested” or “going” on the event.


I had an opportunity to be a guest on a nature walk with Dr Kerry Kott. We met at Picnic Island Park and started our commune with nature by her asking me to develop my intention for the hike.

She was positive, uplifting, and enlightening in the manner she did this with a short exercise in mindfulness. She then provided direction on how the rest of our spiritual journey would progress and it was an apt description of what occurred over the next hour. I was able to individually experience the flora and fauna of the beach, the park, the wind, the water, the wildlife, and the connection with source.

As I reconnected with her toward the end of my hike she asked me to pick a spot for our guided meditation. It was a great spot right on the beach. Again she referred to my intentions for attending and provided guidance, visualization, imagery, and teaching that harnessed my focus with source, nature, and the universe in an all encompassing fashion. It was a truly magical, mystical, momentous meeting of the minds.

I like that the universe made me do this and I look forward to using the teaching provided to me on my path of most allowance.

Anthony – Florida

The meditation walk that I participated in last Sunday was a wonderful experience. The silent walk through nature was exactly what I needed and the guided meditation really helped me. I would recommend Dr Kerry to anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves! 💚

Brenda – Florida