Silent Forest Retreat

August 26-30, 2020 ~ Raber, Michigan USA

This retreat is facilitated by Dr Kerry Kott

The Silent Forest Retreat is a unique experience of stepping into the unknown of the yet discovered depths of our being.  We will be harnessing the high vibration of Nature, Silence, Intention, Movement, Writing, Ceremony and Organic Living Food.

This retreat takes place in the beautiful landscape of Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. Our location sits on 63 acres of Michigan forest and is neighboring 600 acres of a heavily wooded conservation.

Every element of our retreat is created with intention in guidance with The Universe and Nature. Every activity from the meal experience to ceremony is enveloped and expressed with this intention, adding to the whole of the retreat. This experience is deep and powerful and isn’t so much about what we will be DOING, but our intention of who we are BEING.

Here’s what will happen when you come

  • Open your heart and your roots to a new depth of knowing who you truly are.
  • Clarity of communication with your Higher Consciousness.
  • Access to dimensions of authenticity and clarity
  • Transform and transmute the parts of yourself awaiting a new expression.
  • The emergence of your true hearts desire and the ability to speak from this space.
  • Discover the beauty of your physical being and your Souls expression.
  • New availability in your connection with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
  • Bonds with attendees beyond this retreat.

The Land

The Experience

Please make note.  The below itinerary is a guideline.  All of our events are guided by Source and open to alteration and delivery to what it necessary for the moment.

Day One

  • Midday & P.M. — Arrival ~ Time to get settle in! Arrive between 3- 4pm. Welcome Ceremony: Grounds Walk, Fire, Intention and Sharing. ~ We will connect with land, enjoy the warmth of fire, hold space for conversation and writing on the Power of Intention, share Intentions through the Power of Sharing and have open space to share with each other.

Day Two

  • A.M. — Intentional Silent Walking. ~ This morning holds space to enhance your connection to your Intention, to LISTEN in Silence to Source, and the ultimate space to HEAR you!  Plant Communication ~ We connect with the Earth to LISTEN.  You are invited to connect with your plant or tree in discovery of what it’s like to hear the communication with the Earth (Source).
  • Midday — Self Time with optional organic garden/farm tour.
  • P.M. — Fire Ceremony, Releasing & Manifesting, Writing & Sharing. ~ We gather around fire, hold space for releasing and conversation on Manifestation, share Intentions through the Power of Sharing and preparation for Day Three. Preparation for day three includes teachings on Silence and Solitude.

Day Three

  • Silence & Self Time ~ Day Three may be the most powerful day of the retreat for you! Silence is an opening to explore yourself in a new way. “Through one’s silence they can truly hear themselves.” The Silence is the meditation. During your time of Silence you are invited to spend extended amount of time with ‘Your Tree’. In your time of silence you can choose to enhance your experience with fasting. Guidance in this connection, in your time of silence, is provided during the fire ceremony the night before.

Day Four

  • A.M. & Midday — Silence & Self Time ~ Day Four is a powerful continuation from Day Three (and One and Two).
  • P.M. — Water & Sound Ceremony ~ We walk to the local bay and engage with Water in immersion and cleansing. After our water immersion we will return to our campsite to be welcomed by the fire and ‘breaking’ your silence powerfully by connecting with the tones of your Soul through your voice. You are invited to completely unleash yourself through your unique tone expression.

Day Five

  • A.M. — Completion Ceremony ~ Our Completion Ceremony is an opportunity for you to complete anything for you that needs completing, acknowledge yourself for your transformation, and share what is now possible for you (what’s next!).
  • Midday — Self Time & Departure ~ Departure by 2pm.

This Retreat Is For You If…

  • You love being in the presence of the woods and/or are desiring to enhance your connection with Nature.
  • You feel you’ve lost sight of your vision for your life and are ready to reconnect with what matters to you most.
  • You are ready to expand beyond what and who you already are.
  • You are in a life transition and desire guidance and support.
  • You’re comfortable sleeping and being surrounded by Mother Nature.
  • You have an understanding and/or knowing of the power of Intention, Law of Attraction and that YOU are creating your own reality.
  • You love the power of community and/or are ready to connect and expand in your Divine Feminine & Masculine essence and relationships.

The Garden

What To Know

  • Provided tents include shared space with one other participants. Can bring your own.
  • What to bring ~ Walking/hiking shoes, favorite sleeping clothing, sleeping bag and anything additional for tent comfort.
  • Pack light ~ Bring only what is necessary.
  • There is an Organic Food Garden on this property. During the time of our retreat these foods are commonly available: green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn, beets, potatoes, squash, apples and etc.
  • Wild medicinal plants such as goldenrod, clover, dandelion, pine, willow and more are accessible.
  • Food Preparation & Cooking ~ You are encouraged to participate in at least one meal preparation and cooking and is not required. All cooking will be done on the fire or grill.
    Water ~ Well water is available throughout your experience.
  • Cell phone reception & use ~ At our location cell reception is limited to non existent. This is a cellphone data free retreat.
  • Bathroom & Shower ~ There is a designated private area for bathroom use. The use of a ‘toilet’ will be the earth similar to an outdoor outhouse set up. The use of a shower will be set up from rain water collection and our water ceremony on Day Four.
  • Airport pickup is for Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) only. This airport is the closest airport to our location and and houses Delta Airlines.
  • Not allowed ~ perfumes and any other synthetic non-natural smells or products. If bringing bug-spray bring only natural sprays.

What’s Included

  • 20 minute pre retreat intention call with Dr Kerry Kott
  • 60 minute post retreat zoom call with attendees
  • Tent camping accommodations at Michigan Forest Retreat for 4 nights and 5 days
  • Vegetarian and Vegan meals
  • Well water deep from within Mother Nature
  • Toiletries ~ Towels, toothpaste, shampoo and soap.
  • Transportation to and from Chippewa County International Airport (CIU)
  • All activities during the event (noted in The Experience section above)


$999 (USD) before by May 31, 2020

Installment Plan Option — 2 Payments by May 31 of $520 (USD)

$1,299 (USD) by July 31, 2020

Installment Plan Option — 2 Payments by July 31 of $670 (USD)

$1,699 (USD) by August 14, 2020

WANT TO SKIP THE FEES? Payment also accepted via CASH or VENMO. On VENMO find us under THE UNIVERSE MADE ME DO IT

Contact Dr Kerry Kott directly to pay via a payment plan option.

Retreat registration confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions. I have read and agree with the Retreat Terms and Conditions.



The Gift of Intuition – Kerry Kott has an amazing intuitive gift.  She is a clearing for that which longs to be released, to be transmuted and transformed, to be nourished and created.  With her gentle guidance, I was able to discover pieces/parts of myself that I hadn’t seen, or hadn’t wanted to see, or that needed self-compassion and self-love.  Debbi, Florida


The Gift of Intention – Everything we did was with intention – every meditation, every walk, every writing, every conversation, every delicious meal we shared.  We built and enjoyed an enormous bonfire. We honored its power to both destroy and create….to destroy those things that no longer serve us and to create and give life to those things we know we crave and desire to create.  We found clarity where there was fogginess. We shared our intentions with the universe with full intention that they be fulfilled. – Lisa, Texas


The Gift of Nature – Never before this retreat have I ever experienced the true power of nature.  So invigorating and life-affirming. During our extended silent walks through the woods, we set our intention to be silent and to discover life newly from a state of wonder.  We saw endless rows of majestic cypress trees reaching out of mysterious, swampy waters that transported us to what seemed like another galaxy. We saw wildlife I’d never noticed in quite the same way before.  We saw, touched, tasted and smelled plant life that I never gave a second glance in the past. We went within, focused on our breath, drank in the sunlight, and all the sights and sounds around us. My vibration was the highest it has ever been.  Intention fulfilled. The greatest part of this gift is I now have it to draw upon any time I need…to regain my footing, to reconnect to my power or to raise my energy/spirits. – Samantha, Florida


I am an earth mother: mother to one tender-aged daughter who is on the Spectrum and is considered to be non-verbal, and mother to 44 animals whom I care for daily, plus various forms of wild flora and fauna at my homestead. I am also a human being who has strengths and flaws. A few years ago I had the misfortune of losing my birth family within three-months of each other as they passed on from this life. In this life, I still stand. I did not step into the retreat hoping to heal my grief, but it was something that arose so I went with it and I honestly feel lighter in my soul than I have in almost 3 years, or in fact, Ever. Therefore, I can say wholeheartedly this retreat was a panacea for my soul; I could not write those words with any more sincerity and gratitude.

I was very much in need of escaping the daily rhythm of caregiving for other beings. This retreat provided me with the solace of my individuality that I was seeking and allowed me to just Be at one with my Self, with Nature, and ultimately at one with the collective of the group of women who were in attendance. Each retreat participant and each host brought forth their individual power to share and every interaction was kind, genuine, and all-inspiring. The majestic retreat housing grounds were hugged by the Withlacoochee (“Crooked”) River and the property was adjacent to the River Trail where we hiked intentionally in silent unison upon a trail of Mother Earth, which culminated in reaching an area of transcendent, magical rapids on the Withlacoochee River bed that was the perfect place for meditative reflection and physical rest.

Upon arrival at retreat grounds, I knew that I possessed a powerful inner-strength. However, this knowledge was easily mulled over with the tick-tock, hectic grind of everyday life; meaning, it was not something that I held in the foresight of my intuition, as it was fleeting. Since the retreat has concluded, and as I have walked through a week thereafter, I now Know I possess a powerful inner strength and I have that personal information on blast within my mind throughout each portion of my day, everyday. I feel perfectly imperfect and ever so capable of anything now; I am at peace within my shell of mind and body – and my soul left the exoskeleton of anxious rooting somewhere in the forest. This retreat was such an essential life gift that I will cherish always and carry with me for the rest of my days.

Two unexpectant takeaway gifts for me were: a connection was made with my heritage combined with an appreciation of meal preparation. Each meal was prepared and served with such love; this fact has transformed how I am now very mindful of my daily meal preparations for both my self and my family.

Dr. Kerry Kott exudes such an enchanting positivism, whether she is speaking or during intentional silence. Her healing aura was the origin of this retreat and she made the space for everyone’s individualism to shine during our time together. I commend and admire her acceptance, allowance, and ability to manifest positivism. I will carry the sound of her infectious laugh with me (her sense of humor is undeniable) and I will carry her visible enthusiasm for creatures found in the forest and in Nature in general; I respect these qualities in her being immensely. I will most definitely be attending a retreat of this nature (pun intended) in the future organized by Kerry and I look forward to sharing space again with everyone I met and held time with whilst on the journey of this transformative experience. “May we Never be the same” became the unofficial motto of our time together and may that motto ring true daily evermore!

Aho. – Shana K., Florida ~ Age 42 and growing