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Nature; Reveals All Answers

I am totally obsessed head over heels in love with Nature!

I was going to say myself (instead of Nature) because where does love come from when we’re living something/someone? It comes from/flows through SELF.

If I am loving YOU, I am experiencing that love, not because of YOU, but because of Me. The love is me, it is what I am focused upon.

The same is true if I am hating you. I am not hating you because of YOU. I am hating YOU because of Me. The disdain, hate, wrongness lives within me and am experiencing it as I focus upon some aspect of interpretation of YOU..

So back to Nature.. which is us.

I kept saying for a long time…
I LOVE NATURE. And US humans need to connect with it. Then ‘duh!!!’ one day it clicked. WE are Nature. We are not seperate. WE are an expression of NATURE. All encompassed.

It opened the portal of expansion in questioning, “what is Nature?”. Really, truly, what is Nature as my definition, as my perspective as my relationship to it.

How can I really live in the appreciation of the human speaking as I love in the appreciation of the bird singing. How can these two seemingly different vibrational interpretation both fall into the appreciation of music to my ears? 🎶

How can it not be an either or, but simply just appreciation?

It begins in the awareness and the inquiry; within SELF. AND not looking for the answer… Allowing the answer in a multitude of forms to surprise and delight.

That’s the magic of all solutions/answers. Hold no resistance and they appear in more ways than one in a myriad of ways; both known and mostly unknown.

And Nature….
Nature in this reference as the great outdoors among the trees, the animals and the melody of the air, is one of the most powerful places to BE. To just BE.

She is the magic and the answer to all questions and problems. Not because they are sought within her, but because they are revealed.

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