Nature IS Our Home

Nature IS our home.
We are not separate.

If you think that this planet; Earth is not our home, you’ve missed the marker. That we are simply a guest of this place is outlandish.

We are not damaging her by being with her.
We are damaging ourselves by not being with her.

There are a million (and then some) ways to impact this Earth and they are not found fighting against what is unwanted.

The answers always lay in the connection of self with self.
☝️ This is the ONLY place peace exists, a thriving planet exists, love exists.

There are many people I’ve heard say, “we are fucking up this planet” and guess what??? Every time YOU say that, you’re fucking it up. It’s in what you say, what you do, that YOU fuck it up. Your perspective is what is creating what you see in your reality. Your fear perspective is what creates a fucked up planet for you. And it only invites in more chaos. Because the more you try to push against what is unwanted, the more you bring it about.

The key is to pivot and move towards wanted. To focus and share the wanted. Drop the conversation of “big bad human destroying the planet” and turn to what it is YOU want.

❓What do YOU want?
❓What are you pivoting towards?

And guess what? If you have those thoughts, you have them everywhere in your life. It’s in your perspective on politics, food, human behaviors, relationships, money, time, etc.

So do yourself a favor and pivot. Because it is for you. You are the most powerful being in all of the Universe and YOU have the power to create all that you desire. You just need to choose it. Choose it for YOU and then see the impact it has on all around you.

❓ So again, what are you pivoting towards?
❓ What are you choosing?

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