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My Appreciation Of The Sun

The Attraction of Appreciation

The fastest way to experience anything we desire in life is through the powerful vibration of appreciation. Appreciation (aka Love) is the purest vibration.

Ultimately at the root of ALL that we ever desire is the desire to feel good. As we appreciate we feel good. As we appreciate we attract what we DO desire into our lives. It is impossible to attract that which is NOT wanted and appreciate at the same time.

We cannot appreciate and hate at the same time.

We cannot love and worry at the same time.

We cannot positively and negatively focus at the same time.

It IS possible to find appreciation in every single thing, person and experience. It really is a choice. And as we consciously choose to focus on appreciation, the easier it becomes and the more we continuously align with who we truly are. Wellbeing is our natural state of being (even if someone told you something different). Feeling good is natural, that why it feels so NOT good when we don’t. And when we don’t feel good, it’s our indicator (I call it our check engine light) that what we’re choosing to focus on is the opposite of what is ‘really’ there.

Lets Explore. EVERYday!

Oh and if we really want to go deep with the energy, we can elaborate into the WHY of appreciation. The why of the appreciation is so profoundly ‘magical’.  It’s the difference between one papaya tree full of fruit vs ten papaya trees full of fruit. The more and deeper we appreciate the more ‘fruit’ our life bears.

EVERYday, WRITE ten things of appreciation about any ‘subject’ and lets do this with five different (AT LEAST) ‘subjects’. I’ll help. Everyday I’ll post one of my subject choices and my appreciation of it. Use it as a guideline, or inspiration or whatever you choose it to be.

Ready… Go!


10 Things I Appreciate of the Sun

  1. I love the light it shines on planet Earth. I love that it generously shares itself. I love that its light is visible in varying degrees throughout the ‘day’.
  2. I love that it is plant food. I love that it provides whatever it provides as food for all of these amazing plants and trees. I love that these plants and trees it feeds in turn provide food for humans, animals and insects. I love that these plants and trees are able to provide oxygen from its experience with the Sun. I love the chain of events fed from the Sun.
  3. I love that it activates and supplies my body with nourishment. I love that I don’t have to think about how the Sun is food for my body’s’ cells. I love that all of my cells know exactly to do with the nourishment from the Sun.
  4. I love how amazing I always feel from interacting with the Sun. I love how it is received as a vital life force that shines down on me. I love how everything in my experience is enhanced with my interaction with it.
  5. I love how the frequency of it is uplifting. I love how it’s the beautiful yang energy of activity, fun, movement, light, creation, play, passion and laughter. I love being receptive to this frequency of the Sun.
  6. I love the warmth that it brings to my skin. I love that I can feel the communication of the Sun and my skin. I love that the communication feels like satisfaction, like support, like love.
  7. I love that it exists in perfect proximity to planet Earth. I love that I don’t have to think about how this happens. I love that the Universe has the Sun’s rotation and relativity in alignment. I love that all of this happens without my thought of it.
  8. I love that the Sun exists. I love that it will always exist. I love that I don’t need to think about it occurring everyday. I love that the chemical components that exist for it, exist. I love that it’s not my job to maintain this function.
  9. I love how it occurs to me at different times of the day. I love how at one point it peaks through the sky with partial light. I love how at one point it is abundantly full and shiny in the sky. I love how these varying light occurrences bring different ranges in temperature.
  10. I love the variations of colors it highlights in the sky. I love viewing these variances of colors. I love seeing how they shift and change from moment to moment. I love really feeling the vibration of its contrasting expressions. I love that I can ‘see’ these contrasts. I love that I do not need to know how all of this happens for me to appreciate it.

I love the Sun and my ability to appreciate it!


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