Podfest Global Summit 2020

“You don’t need more listeners, you need more clarity!”

August 10-15, 2020 ~ Globally Online

Clearwater Podcasters

Kerry Kott joins us on how to reinvent your podcast.

March 27, 2020 ~ Clearwater, Florida USA

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Podfest Multimedia Expo 2020

“The freedom to be you in podcasting. How to follow your intuition and do it your way. Regardless of what the rules are and experts say.”

March 6-8, 2020 ~ Orlando, Florida USA


Top Spiritual Podcasts of 2020

Action Hero Next Door – An Interview with Dr Kerry Kott


Voices for a New Humanity

“The New Humanity Now – we start this conversation with a deep dive into the polarities showing up – those who are living in the New and those who are not. We touch on global travel, on magic and the power of being in alignment!”

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Intuitive Queens Podcast

“Kerry explains to us what it meant to be a Chinese medicine Doctor and how her clients want to see her to heal physical or emotional pain and how she creates herbal formulas that will help her clients to heal.

We talk about plants and how they can help you, how we are all interconnected and how plants are connected to emotions, limiting beliefs and how you can release yourself from emotional and physical pain.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to connect to yourself, mother nature and heal.”


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A Better You Podcast Episode #72 Intuitive Soul Purpose with Dr Kerry Kott