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Love Living Florida

For the first time in my life I love living in Florida. I had all sorts of reasons for not fully being in love with it. Reasons that were just all excuses for me to focus on something that disallowed me to feel good. In truth if it wasn’t “Florida” it was something or someone else.

One day I got specific with my inquiry to the Universe. I had had ‘enough’ with only temporary loving the new place I moved to. This was a feeling I noticed within me. So I asked “What is this REALLY about”.

What surfaced had nothing to do with the new place I moved to or the state of Florida AND it had everything to do with me and my relationship with me. What kept me dissatisfied was a story I had been carrying around of “I’ll just leave and be on to the next place, the next thing so I don’t have to deeply connect to people.. and I’ll get to leave them before they leave me”.

Now that story no longer exists. And in the space it used to live is now FULL of connection, presence and love. I allowed the ROOTEDNESS within me that I was ultimately asking for.

And that’s how I can love living in Florida now because I love that part of me that I once said was wrong. My relationship to everything and everyone is always about my relationship to me.

What parts of you could you let in ??

Just ask the question and allow your transformation to commence ?

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