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Living Authenticity

There is so much to say.
And the call to share it is strong.
I wrote something yesterday and then set it aside.
I have the impulse write something else today and I will.

You see it occurs to me as not my usual ‘softness’. After purging my constrained anger, there is a spicyness flowing in my way of being as of late; and it’s showing itself in my writing.

It’s so much of what I hold back in conversation with people. It’s the ‘come to jesus’, ‘wake the fuck up’ and I just want to shake the shit out of you conversation.

Now, though holding this piece back just won’t do and I can see the part of me wanting to be ‘nice and considerate’ wanting to hold back. Nice and considerate are outdated ways of being; authenticity is true consideration. I’m not talking about the authenticity some people think of that goes something like this, “I say whatever comes to mind because I’m blunt and real”. No, no, no. This is not it. I’m talking about the authenticity of BEING self; of alignment with Source. The authenticity of living in my power, NOT hiding it.

See, in the past I’ve been afraid to be myself for a fear of hurting someone else. Oh who am I kidding that is not the real fear. The real fear was being rejected and dealing with someone’s potential anger response. So often I just listen to them spew their viewpoints and often in these particular conversations, the other is unwilling to be with my perspective in sharing.

So, this is now over. It’s over in these words right now.

I will do what I need to do in the call of Source and live in this now moment of authentic power of self.

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📍 Bogatic, Croatia on a mountain top

📸 by Me with my Google Pixel 3

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